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A Large Variety of Products Suitable for Your Stores!

With VKF Renzel UK, you will receive a variety of products that will support you in the topic of shop fittings within your clothing stores. There are so many ways that you can entice customers into your stores and increase sales by making sure that you have well equipped and good looking displays. Consider including lighting systems for shelves, additional tools for a higher quality product presentation, shelf labelling and various store equipment. A consistent concept is an advantage for store design.

Carry on reading to discover our vast product range to help you display your products in your store. We also have many products that can ensure you are operating safely to protect your employees and customers.

Product Displays

Take a full look at our product display range - we're certai nto have something to suit your specific needs. With the EasyCube System, you can create individual product displays in seconds. Stay flexible and adapt the product display to your specific requirements. The Mannequins of the series “Magic” can also help you to underline the style of clothing. With wood, chrome and gold elements, you individualise each doll to enhance the effect of the certain outfit.

Advertising Within Your Stores!

Advertising your fashion retail store is vital, not only to increase the number of customers entering, but also to promote any new and upcoming offers which you may be offering in-store. Take advantage of our products for both outdoor and indoor advertising.

For outdoor advertising, we highly recommend the use of A Boards. These boards can be displayed outside your store, then simpled folded and placed inside afterwards and when not in use. We have one of the largest and most affordable range of A Boards on the market, from Waterproof Windsigns to your Classic Outdoor A Board. We suggest displaying open times or directions to your store to ensure that you grab the attention of passerbys.

Are you offering any promotions in store? Then look no further than our promotional Discount Labelling. To further advertise your stores offers, we suggest implementing Table Top Poster Stands to place next to the products that are on promotion. You want to make your customers shopping experience easy and comfortable

Solutions for the Hygiene Protection of Personnel and Customers in Fashion Retailers and Clothing Stores

More than ever, it is important that shops have stricter rules on hygiene, access control and queue avoidance. For this purpose, we have put together solutions for you, suitable for your clothing business. Consider using Barrier Stands to monitor how many customers are in your store at once. Barrier stands are also a great way to block off areas and create a structured queue system at checkout areas. Similarly, Floor Stickers are also a great way to ensure a constant reminder of safety measures put in place to your customers, for example, "keep a safe distance". A product that is seemingly now present in almost all retail stores are Hand Sanitiser Dispensers. We offer a variety of dispener systems, such as counter top & free standing versions. Simply place the hand sanitisers in locations to deem suitable, preferably near the entrance or exit of the store or at checkout areas.

The top sellers for fashion retailers

Below are some of our best-selling products suitable for your fashion retail store.

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