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Point of Sale Displays for Gift Shops

Your essential guide for the must-have POS displays for your industry

POS Displays - An Effective Tool to Help Increase Sales

Effective point of sale displays within gift shops are incredibly important for a variety of reasons. Not only can they help create a more organised and neat store, but POS displays can also be a great solution for encouraging a greater number of passers-by into your store, once they're inside for creating a smoother experience for each individual and in the end, are essential for helping to turn these people into purchasing customers. There are many different sales promotion products that you can implement - each gift store is different, so your needs are likely to vary from the rest, but keep reading to identify the essential point of sale display products for you!

Protecting Your Staff & Customers

Now more than ever, it's vital that you take the health and safety of both your employees and customers seriously. Thankfully, to prevent to spread of bacteria and viruses, there's a variety of easy solutions and tools that you can implement if you haven't already yet:
  • Sneeze Guards - these transparent shields are vital within your checkout area. As a location in your shop where your employees and customers will come face-to-face, it's essential that you implement a clear barrier as a solution to reduce the spread of air droplets passing from person to person. Additionally, many sneeze guards also come with a open base or cut out hatch to allow gsa.ifts, documents or money to easily be passed from your customers to your employees, and vice versa.
  • Hand Sanitisers - you'll see these cropping up more and more in every store that you visit, but it's also crucial that you implement one in your store too. Typically, the best place to place these disinfectants is at the entrance/exit of your store. This allows for each customers entering your store to sanitise their hands and remove any harmful bacteria before potentially touching the products on your premises.
  • Effective signage - with guidelines and regulations changing on a frequent basis, the rules inside your store may need to change without much notice. In order for your customers to remain informed, we recommend investing in some signage to place around your store; this could be outside your store, within window displays, around the premises or at the checkout area. Regardless of where you choose to place this signage, it's an extremely effective tool for ensuring that anyone and everyone is following the rules set out at the current time, and is additionally aware of any changing policies, opening hours... and you can also utilise these tools for advertising and marketing purposes too!

Vital POS Display to Increase Foot Traffic

Point of sale displays aren't just an effective tool within your store, they're also an imperitive item that should be utilised outside, in order to entice more (potential) customers inside. Think of the different ways you can encourage new customers inside; when it comes to POS displays to possibilities are limitless!

An A board is perfect for helping to garner more attention from passers-by. These large wooden or metal boards can be placed outside your shop and either written on with the content that you would like to showcase (if you have a chalkboard variant) or simply inserted with your bold posters inside. They also can act as on obstacle for people on the street, ensuring that they put greater focus on the board so that they don't collide with it. Additionally, window displays can be used in order to show current offers, changing store policies, opening hours... and can aid in drawing further interest from those outside. Creating a visually pleasing and eye-catching window display will also guarantee you'll bring further attention to your store - think of bright, bold and attention-grabbing colours and words, utilising different levels to showcase your products and consider which best-sellers you should inevitably place here.

Effective POS Displays In-Store

Once you have customers through the door, sometimes your products alone can't be enough to guarantee a sale. Effective sales promotion within your shop can be a deciding factor as to whether someone chooses to purchases from you or not. You need to consider what POS display tools will help to draw more attention to your products, create a smoother experience for each individual and at the end, encourage more people to buy from you.

When selling products, you need to make sure that each item is clearly priced for the customer to see. Whether that's individually pricing each item with its own sticker or using price tag/card holders to showcase the price of that item, it avoids confusion with customers as people are less likely to purchase if they're unaware of the price. Freestanding or table top poster stands can also be a great option to help draw eyes to special offers, new products or important store information. In addition, table top poster holders are another great option to draw attention to these offers.

At the checkout, it's also important to implement effective POS displays. Placing small products here that people are more inclined to purchase on impulse is a great way to increase last-minute sales, particularly if they're on a special offer. Ensure that these are clearly advertised to customers in order to increase your chances of an additional sale. Business card holders and leaflet holders are also a great tool to place here, as your already captive audience (the paying customer) may be more inclined to take this printed media from yourself in order to look at your full range or to have as a reminder for a later date. If you so wish, you can even choose to include these with each sale when bagging the items up.

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