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Gyms & Leisure Centres

Point of Sale Equipment for Gyms & Leisure Centres

Point of Sale Equipment for Gyms & Leisure Centres

Point of sale equipment doesn't come to mind as essential when you think of gyms and leisure centres, does it? However, this equipment is crucial for maintaining gyms popularity. POS products can be used for advertising, informing and as a method of hygiene protection within gyms and leisure centres. 

Here at VKF Renzel UK, we have been producing a variety of hygiene and safety protection products for use in gyms and the leisure centre industry. These products will allow gyms to reopen and operate as safely as possible, as they will assist with improving social distancing and personal hygiene for staff and users. 

Protecting Your Staff & Customers

Ensuring the safety of staff and customers has become of paramount importance for businesses during the current climate. Strict health and safety regulations must be met in order for businesses to reopen; this same rule applies to gyms and leisure centres. With gyms being a high risk area for the spread of germs, they must have sound measures in place to improve the hygiene of their facilities. Here at VKF Renzel, we offer a variety of products that would be suitable to use within gyms and leisure centres to ensure that they are operating as safely as possible. 

We have manufactured a number of PVC protective walls that would be perfect for seperating and protecting individuals on training equipment. There is also a range of spit screens that would be suitable for reception/waiting areas, as well as floor markings to promote social distancing and hand sanitiser stations to improve personal hygiene. 

Transparent room separation screens.

Partition your gym equipment off with transparent separation screens. Our Aluminium stretch frame is great for placing in between gym equipment such as treadmills to determine safe zones. The screens help to ensure that you gym is adhering to social distancing rules and helping to keep your members safe. The transparent screen also allows staff to be able to clearly monitor the safety of members whilst using the equipment.  If you are looking for a protective partition screen that is easier to move, we suggest our “Rollbanner Stick” partition screen, different widths are available.

Create workout spaces

Use floor tape to clearly mark where your gym members are allowed to workout. Simply place floor marking on the floor using our tape. This will help to ensure that people adhere to social distancing rules. It may also be beneficial to haveposter stands around your gym space to politely remind your members of the new rules since you have reopened. We suggest browsing our wide range of poster stands to find one suitable to you.

High performance Air Purifier for professional use

Air purification devices  with Hepa filters are vital items that can have a major impact on the quality of air. The easy-to-place containers have a Hepa filter that replaces the polluted air with fresh air. Dust particles, bacteria and viruses are filtered out of the environment. The professional room air cleaner with 3 filter stages reliably cleans the air of aerosols, bacteria, pollen and viruses. The high performance air filter cleans up to 1062 m³ of air per hour and is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms with a high number of people like your gym space.


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