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Point of Sale Displays for Libraries

Essential POS equipment for use in libraries

Library Point of Sale Display Ideas

Many people may not consider a library as a necessary location in which point of sale displays should be widely utilised, however this is far from the case. Within a library setting, point of sale displays have varying uses, from informing visitors of new rules or procedures and ensuring that categories within the library are effectively sectioned off and found easily by each individual, to providing additional layers of protection with the use of hygiene equipment. As a result, by implementing an array of point of sale display equipment, you're able to provide each and every person with a smoother, safer and more pleasant experience, improving the likelihood of return visits in the future. This simple guide will help identify certain point of sale products and procedures that are deemed essential within the industry.

What Health & Safety Items Do I Need in My Library?

Personal protection is currently at the forefront of everyone's minds right now, and it's important to show not only to your visitors, but to your staff too, that you care about the health and safety of each individual within the premises. There are many simple and cost-effective solutions that you can implement throughout your library, that'll help to put everyone's mind at ease.
  • Consider wiping down and sanitising returned books. This may also include setting these copies aside for a few days after them having direct contact with others.
  • Install soap dispensers in high traffic areas; think entrances and exits, as well as near checkout areas and down your frequently visited aisles.
  • Place sneeze guards at checkout areas to ensure that there is a clear barrier between both staff members and library visitors.
  • Space out study and computer areas further. In the case that this cannot be done, partition walls are a great alternative to ensure that people are sufficiently seperated from one another.
  • Utilise barrier stands and floor stickers to help everyone adhere to social distancing measures.
  • Provide employees with masks and/or protective visors and require each person entering the library to wear a face covering too.

What POS Displays are Suitable for Libraries?

Library displays can vary from building to building, so as a result, you certainly have a wide range of point of sale possibilities for your business. Consider the different locations across your library where it may be useful to implement various sales promotion items and begin from there.
  • At the entrance - the entry area of any business is important, as it's the very first place that you'll make an impression on those passing through your doors. Ensure you have sufficient signage outside to notify individuals of opening hours or changing policies/procedures; Adhesive Poster Pockets are a great option, as they can stick to windows without leaving any residue behind, and are viewable from both outside and inside the building. Additionally, A Boards are a popular product to place just outside the entrance, again, providing customers with any relevant information they may need to know.
  • At the checkout area - another great location to inform visitors. Single-Sided Poster Holders are common on these countertops; maybe use them to inform customers of return times or policies set in place for the late return of books. In addition, the checkout area of libraries may be a useful place for a Leaflet Holder should you have any pamphlets to distribute.
  • Between aisles - you want to ensure that your visitors can efficiently and easily find the particular books they're after, so top-notch signage should be a priority. Consider the use of Ceiling Suspended Poster Pockets to help direct individuals to the correct aisle, or to specify the particular categories down that aisle. Alongside these, Poster Pockets are frequently used at the end of aisles (placed on the shelving) to aid in identifying the books down that specific aisle. Additionally, Sign Clips or Shelf Barkers can be used on the shelves to provide extra information to customers. There are many options available, however these are typically attached with suction cups or self-adhesive pads directly onto the shelf.

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