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Point of Sale Displays for Schools

Your essential guide to all the necessary POS displays for schools

Creating a Safe & Welcoming Environment

Although schools aren't locations in which you're selling a product or service to customers, you can still effectively utilise an array of point of sale displays in order to ensure day-to-day operations run more smoothly. More than anything, you need to be certain that there is sufficient signing, information displays and protective measures in place, which as a result will keep both students and staff up-to-date with changes and news, and reassure them that they are in a secure environment where their health and safety is considered a main priority. Additionally, various sales promotion items can also be used for decor purposes, adding to the school's character and creating a more welcoming space for each individual.

Essential POS Displays for Use in Educational Institutes

Within a school environment, there's a plethora of point of sale displays that can be implemented to help ensure smoother running of day-to-day business. For distributing information amongst all individuals within the premises, you need to make certain that you have effective information displays placed around various points of the building. When it comes to relaying this information, you have many options. Depending on the space you have readily available, you may be looking for freestanding, countertop, wall mounted, ceiling hung or window stuck displays... or a mixture of all of these.  Ensure that your displays are placed in areas where they'll be easily noticed and viewed; this could be in front of entrances, at reception areas or at the front of classrooms... wherever you deem essential. In these cases, your options vary from large freestanding A Boards, to Self-Adhesive Poster Pockets and sleek Click Frames, to name a few, all of which you can easily place posters and signs of all sizes in for all staff members and students to view.

In addition, you may wish to invest in a Raffle/Suggestion Box or two, in which individuals can place their own suggestions or concerns in anonymously. Other classroom and staffroom essentials may include Notice Boards and Chalkboards, as well as Marker Pens and other Office Supplies, all of which are available for great competitive prices.

Protective Equipment for Schools

In the current climate, there's a lot of uncertainty on the best policies and procedures that schools can put in place to safeguard staff and students from the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. It's safe to say that there's no magical recipe to this, and whether you're operating at full or reduced capacity as of now, as a school you can only make the decisions that you deem to be the best for each person passing through those doors... but we're here to help with some of those scary choices.

You may choose to require each student and staff member to wear a Face Covering during the school day. Whilst this may put some minds at ease, also remember that this will be much easier to implement with older age groups. For primary schools, as most students are not required to wear masks in public spaces, this may not be possible, however you may want to consider whether teachers wearing masks will negatively affect those younger students in your school too.

Whilst you may be spacing children out more in a classroom environment, another option you have it to utilise a selection of Sneeze Guards/Protective Screens between each individual. These screens interfere little in day-to-day lessons due to the transparent material used, but at the same time reduce the spread of airborne bacteria from one person to another. There are various desktop versions available, as well as Mobile Screens should you wish to provide each student with their own guard.

Additional items which are deemed essential at this time include Disinfectant Dispensers and Floor Stickers/Tape. Disinfectant stands need to be placed frequently throughout the building in areas with high levels of foot traffic; it may also be useful to equip each classroom with their own dispenser too. There are many options available in regards to Disinfectant Dispensers, as there are wall mounted, freestanding and desktop variations available, ensuring that you'll find a solution perfect for you. In addition, floor stickers or tape can be incredibly useful particularly when lines begin to form, perhaps outside of classrooms before lessons or in playgrounds.

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