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Travel Agents

The Must-Have Point of Sale Displays for Travel Agents

Essential Sale Promotion & POS Displays to Utilise in Travel Agents

Whilst it's vital to have a digital presence within the travel industry, there's no doubt that physical travel agent stores are still a pivotal part in the overall success of a travel company. Actually sitting down with another person and having a one-to-one conversation can go leaps and bounds when it comes to that (potential) client deciding to book a holiday with yourselves over another competitor. Offering a more unique and personalised service to each individual can in effect generate a more positive corporate image of your business from the eye of these consumers. The first challenge however, is how can you effectively encourage these people into your store in the first place? And once they're inside, what can you do, other than having a friendly and personable sales team, to ensure these people book with you and keep coming back for more? Keep reading to find out more!

Crucial Hygiene Management

The health and hygiene of each individual has never been more important than it is now. With the current goings-on in the world, it's vital that you put the health of not only your customers, but also your employees at the forefront of everything you do... and make sure that each person is easily able to identify the measures you're taking. After all, companies doing little in this regard will see their reputation begin to diminish, especially if your competition is going above and beyond. Thankfully, within a travel agent store environment, there are a few easy steps and hygiene products that can be implemented to show how much you truly care, as well as to help create a smooth and safe experience each and every time.
  • Sneeze Guards & Partition Walls - We understand travel agent stores aren't necessarily the largest shops on the high street, so it may seem that social distancing could be quite difficult to implement. However, with the help of both sneeze guards and partition walls, this issue can be easily rectified. The countertop sneeze guards can be placed atop of desks, creating a transparent boundary between the travel agent and the customer. Additionally, many of these protective guards are also available with an open hatch at the base should you need to transfer any documents from person to person. Partition walls however, are ideal for placing between each desk station e.g. between each travel agent or between each party of customers. This ensures that rather than only having every other desk open to keep to social distancing guidelines, if you so wish, you could have all desks available at all times, as people from different parties will not come into direct contact with one another.
  • Face Masks or Visors - Depending on when you're reading this, it may still be essential for everyone in a public indoor space to wear a face covering. Whilst you must make sure that each customer is wearing their own face covering, it would also be a great idea to supply your staff with face masks, face shields or both.
  • Disinfectant Dispensers - You've seen the disinfectant stations at the entrance of almost every retail store or food establishment, right? Well they're just as crucial when in a travel agents too. Provide disinfectant at the entrance (and exit) of your store to allow guests to sanitise their hands prior to touching anything inside the premises. Additionally, having disinfectant readily available for your employees will be a great comfort to them too.
  • Floor Stickers & Tape - If you're wanting to limit the number of people allowed into your store, it may be a good idea to invest in some floor stickers or tape. Simply stick these items to the floor at a 2 metre distance outside your store to ensure social distancing is being adhered to and require that should your store be at full capacity, this is where the next customers should wait.
  • Effective Signage - As well as these protective measures, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of signage throughout your travel agent store. Whether a large A board or window displays placed at the front of the store, or perhaps poster stands in-store, it's vital that you have eye-catching and easily understandable signage throughout your shop to ensure that each and every individual is following the currently guidelines at all times.

How Can I Attract Passers-By Inside?

The first challenge when it comes to selling your holidays is just how are you going to attract potential customers into your store? With digital playing such a large part in today's world, some people may have spotted your offers online and as a result are heading directly to you to discuss. However, how do you attract those people passing by who are maybe thinking about booking a holiday, but have no idea where to start - how do you encourage them to take a further look at your offers and step into your store?
  • Pavement Signs - Pavement signs are a great tool to garner the attention of those passing by. Available in chalkboard or poster variants, as classic A boards or sturdy windsigns, you can select the model that best suits your brand. When placed in front of your store, these can act as an obstacle for those passing by; as a result, each person maneuvering past the board needs to pay attention to it and is therefore more inclined to pay attention to the information placed on it. Make sure you're filling it with eye-catching and irresistable offers, that'll make the people on the opposite side of the street stop to look.
  • Cable Displays - Typically used in estate agents, cable display systems can also be incredibly beneficial for travel agents too. Easy to set up in your store window, you can place the best deals on offer here, allowing passers-by the opportunity to take a more in depth look at the trips you have available. If someone spots something they're interested in, chances are they'll pop in-store or possibly look further into the offer online, also boosting company sales if they choose to book.
  • Windows Displays - There are various other window displays that you can implement to stop people in their tracks and encourage them into your store, other than cable displays. Self-adhesive poster pockets are an easy option, allowing you to place any offers or information inside. Additionally, it's worth looking into how you can make your window displays pop with various types of decor, possibly based on the types of holidays you're offering or the time of year e.g. Halloween or Christmas, which will draw in more attention and show off more your company's personality.

How Can I Turn Visitors Into Customers?

Other than offering fantastic customer service, which should be one of the main priorities for your business, there are many different tools you can implement in-store to further inform your visitors and show you have the experience and knowledge that they require when booking their holiday.
  • Poster Displays - Whether a table top sign holder, freestanding poster display or wall mounted click frame, there are endless possibilities when it comes to displaying content within these poster displays. These could simply be for decorative purposes, for further advertising holidays, informing customers of policies or perhaps even displaying positive reviews from previous clients to show you're a trusted and valued company. Whatever purpose you need these displays for, there's certainly a tool available that can help you effectively convey the message across.
  • Leaflets & Catalogues - Offering customers the possibility to take either a small leaflet, or if they'd prefer, a large catalogue outlining all their trip options, is incredibly beneficial in the long-run. Not only can these customers take this content home with them (to hopefully look into booking future trips with yourself), it's often passed around when visitors enter the home, also potentially encouraging them to book with you too. Ensure that this content is easy for them to access, either with large shelving units displaying everything you have on offer, or with smaller freestanding or desktop leaflet holders or catalogue stands that is always within their reach.

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