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The Benefits of Protective Screens

Protective screens provide companies with a more hygienic work environment by protecting individuals from infectious sneezes and coughs. Our acrylic protective screens can be easily installed for use in all industry settings, with either suspension rope or table stands. The wide variety of styles and sizes we offer allow us to provide a range of work areas with this essential hygiene products, with customisation available for high volume orders. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, the screens are suitable for hospitality sectors, shops, offices and medical spaces that are operating under the circumstances. The thick arcylic reduces the spread of infection from preventing face-to-face communication.

With the product being made from transparent acrylic it allows the equipment to be effective, whilst not being infassive and disruptive to the environment in which they are placed. This ensure that individuals are able to communicate between parititons efficiently and allows spaces to feel less enclosed. 

The screens are perfect for when social distancing is unable to be maintained and a safe working environment is required. Alongside our various other hygiene and safety products, the protective screens will allow you to operate your business safely, for both employees and customers, during the current circumstances. Find the perfect protective screen for you and your business today!

Sneeze Guards for Various Environments

Due to our screens being available in a multitude of styles and sizes, with the offer of customisation for high volume orders, it allows them to be suitable for a range of industries requirements. Below are some examples of how protective screens benefit different work environments during this pandemic.


  • Checkout sneeze guards provide protection for both customer and employees when interacting.
  • Cut-out hatches provide minimal contact when exchanging money, reciepts and products. 
  • Allows for a safer environment if social distancing cannot be maintained over the counter. 


  • Protective screens prevent the need for office rearrangement, as they allow staff to work in close proximaty between desk spaces. 
  • Easily fits into all office spaces due to the variety of floor and table top screens.
  • The transparent acrylic prevents communication between desk areas to be interfered. 

Public Institutions: 

  • Protective partition walls can be used as queue dividers to help maintain social distancing. 
  • Screens can be used in waiting areas to prevent face-to-face interaction between strangers. 


  • Transparent partition walls are perfect for dividing diners from eachother.
  • Allow more customers to be welcomed into restaurants as it will help implement social distancing.
  • Checkout screens can be used for front of house servers to protect them from customers. 

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