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Sneeze Guards for Food Protection

What Are Sneeze Guards Used For?

Sneeze guards have become a big talking point for businesses over recent years for obvious reasons. Whilst most companies have implemented sneeze guards as a transparent barrier between individuals at checkout areas, (these can also be purchased here on our webstore), the original sneeze guard was used to primarily shield fresh goods from those passing by.

The clear protective barriers are placed around the food (or food is placed inside), stopping prying hands from directly touching the items, as well as preventing airborne bacteria and germs from reaching the food. This ensures that the goods for sale are as protected as they possibly can be.

Sneeze Guards in the Hospitality Food Sector

Due to the product that is typically displayed inside a sneeze guard, it will come to no surprise to anyone that sneeze guards are more likely used within the hospitality sector, particularly when food is involved. This includes cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs, as well as market stalls and even exhibition stands too. However, even though they’re used primarily for the protection of fresh goods, they can still be utilised to shield other items should you find it necessary for your business.

Even though you may display a large number of fresh foods in your display cabinets and the likes, the great thing about sneeze guards is that they allow you to utilise even more space that you may not have been able to previously. They offer you the possibility to showcase more items on your countertops, whilst providing sufficient protection and at the same time, offers you increased opportunities to sell more items.

As the sneeze guards are available in a transparent plastic, they are an unobtrusive item to the eye, that offers maximum protection to your goods at the same time.

Putting Health & Safety at the Forefront

By implementing an array of sneeze guards, you directly show to your customers that you put their health and safety at the forefront. The simple implementation of these protective food screens helps to create a better impression of your company, ensuring that people are more likely to return to your café or market stall, for example, over a competitor who does not implement satisfactory health and safety measures.

By protecting all of your fresh goods from as many directions as possible, you’re reducing the risk of harmful bacteria landing on the food you eventually sell to the customer. This allows the customer to feel more reassured when buying from you, as the likelihood of catching something harmful has been drastically reduced.

Also consider combining the use of sneeze guards with other health and safety equipment on offer to ensure the smoother running of your business and a greater experience for all of your customers. These items could include floor stickers, sneeze guards for checkout areas, masks and disinfectant dispensers.
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An Easy-to-Use Protective Measure

Each sneeze guard on offer from VKF Renzel (apart from the Zebrina model) requires no assembly upon arrival; simply position the product down in the exact spot you want to use it and you’re ready to go. No fixings are required to secure the sneeze screen, however many protective shields come with non-slip feet at the base. The size of these sneeze guards also means that they’re incredibly easy to move around, whether that’s moving it from location to location within your premises, or for taking them to exhibitions or market stalls.

When implemented, they’re also an incredibly easy option to use. With most options available, they offer protection from all directions, but are open from the back. This allows quick and easy access for your staff when selecting the items from the sneeze guards during a sale. If you’re worried about contamination from your staff due to the open back of the protective guard, we recommend providing each individual with a mask to wear.

Alternatively, Cake Display Stands are a great option that provide protection from all directions and can be used in the same locations as sneeze guards. These are generally provided with a door(s) at the back, which can be manually opened and closed when needed.

Various Models Available to Suit Your Needs

In our online shop, we offer a variety of different styles when it comes to protective food sneeze guards. The Fagus, Borago and Zebrina units offer protection from all directions, but are open at the back. These units each provide different style option, so you’re sure to find something to suit your exact style preferences.

Another option would be the Cepa Sneeze Guard. This protective food guard is open from the sides too, however this is a great option to consider should you want to “connect” the sneeze guards together and create a longer unit across your entire countertop. Should you want to provide protection from all sides, the Asidas Sneeze Guard can be placed directly on top of your items to protect each of your goods from external germs and bacteria. This is simply lifted up when the goods need to be removed.

As previously mentioned, Cake Display Stands are also a perfect alternative to utilise should you want to fully maximise the protection of your goods. In addition, these can come with one to four tiers, allowing you to display even more items in such a small area.

Bespoke Sizes Available

If you’re not able to find a sneeze guard suitable for your exact needs, we may still be able to help. Bespoke sizes and styles may be possible, so contact us today and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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