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Below you will find our range of stock pushers. These are great for a complete shelf management system and saves staff time on having to face up the shelves, as these spring fed pushers will push your stock to the front of the shelf when a product is removed. 

Discover our product pusher system "Push". With our push systems, products can be displayed at the front of the shelf where they are expected to be by the customer.  Our pushers are available in different standard lengths and with or without product stoppers. The required push force depends mainly on the weight and on the depth of each product. There are stock pushers with springs rated at 2N, 4N, 6N, 10N and 14N (Newton).

If you have any questions or need any advice on stock pushers, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help.

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Stock Pusher "Push" - The perfect product pusher system for the PoS

What information do I need to know before placing my order?

Each stock pusher is manufactured specifically to your requirements and there’s a few things you need to make note of to ensure you purchase the correct stock pusher for your needs:

  • Length of your shelf – our stock pushers come in varying lengths. Ensure that you have measured the length of your shelf so you can be certain of what length stock pusher will be suitable.
  • Fixing to your shelf – do you need a self-adhesive "PEK" Profile at the front of your shelf or tape added to the bottom of your pushers?
  • Product stoppers – will you need a half height or full height product pusher, or is your shelf edge high enough to prevent items from falling off?
  • Strength of spring needed – think of what items you’re displaying. Take a look at the spring strength examples below to find the Newton strength that’ll best work for your products.
  • Narrow or wide stock pusher – again, consider what items you’re displaying; a lipstick will need a thinner merchandise pusher, possibly the “Push VII” with High Stopper, whereas a bottle of shampoo will need a wider pusher, similar to the “Push VI” Wide.

Continue reading to identify the best merchandise pusher for your requirements. Please find below further information regarding product stoppers, spring strength and how to fix your stock pusher to the shelf.

What products can I use a stock pusher for?

The great thing about stock pushers is that they can be used to display a wide variety of different products. Generally speaking, stock pushers are use for smaller items, ranging from cigarettes to shampoo to spices. However, if you’re unsure if your product will be suitable, please contact us directly for advice.

What are the advantages of using a stock pusher?

There are many benefits to implementing a stock pusher system. Firstly, stock pushers always ensure that your shelves are looking full; by always pushing the remaining product to the front of the shelf, it offers improved visibility of the individual products, ensures that the products are always at reach and as a result, creates a better shopping experience for your customers. Stock pushers also make the process of refilling shelves much simpler. Not only do they need less man power to help replenish and move stock forward on the shelves (to keep them looking full at all times), but the introduction of a stock pusher means that stock does not need to be manually placed towards the back of the shelf, the pusher will do that for you and you only need access to the very front of the shelf.

Do I need a product stopper at the front of the pusher?

We supply both half height and full height stoppers which are placed at the front of the product pusher to prevent stock from being pushed off the end of the shelf. Full height stoppers may be needed for taller products; however, product stoppers aren’t always necessary. If your shelf edge is high enough itself to stop the products on its own, then a product stopper may not be needed at all.

How do I keep my pusher in place?

The most common way to secure the product pusher is with the use of “PEK” Profile. This thin strip comes with an adhesive base, (however you can opt for it without), which then sticks to the front of your shelving. Once this is secured, you can then click your stock pushers into place on the "PEK" profile. Alternatively, you can always opt to have tape placed on the bottom of the pushers, fixings the pushers themselves to your shelving.

What spring strength do I need?

Each stock pusher requires a certain spring strength to enable it to sufficiently push the products in question forward, so it solely depends upon the product being displayed as to which spring strength is needed. Generally, the lighter the object, the lesser the spring strength you need. For your reference, here are some examples of products that may be used for different spring strengths:

  • 2N – 4N – tablet packets, cosmetics, spices, vapes and cigarettes
  • 6N – processed meats and boxed underwear
  • 10N – 14N – deodorants, shampoo and conditioner

It’s important to make sure that you get the correct spring strength for your items; too low a spring strength and the stock pusher will fail to bring your items forward, however too high a spring strength and your products will quite literally, fly off the shelf.

What other products do I need to use alongside my stock pushers? Do I need shelf dividers?

As previously mentioned, you may need “PEK” Profile to help click your stock pushers into place, particularly if you’re not having adhesive placed underneath the pushers themselves. Additionally, it is advised that you should consider Shelf Dividers to use alongside the merchandise pushers. These dividers also click into the “PEK” Profile and ensure that products do not fall out of line of the stock pusher, keeping your items in place at all times.

If you have any additional questions or need some advice on our stock pushers, please get in contact with us and we'll help find the best solution for you!

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