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Make sustainable promotional articles print on quality 

The current trends of neo-ecology and "zero waste" philosophy can hardly be imagined from the minds of consumers. The awareness of society and the press about this topic continues to grow. As a company, therefore, it is important not only to present itself in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. You have to adapt to new, consciously consuming customer groups.

Our sustainable promotional gifts and promotional items not only help you reach target groups for sustainable products. The loyalty to customers and business partners is strengthened by the ecological promotional articles. Present your company in the best form with environmentally friendly materials. Now let the sustainable advertising media be printed.

Advertising with environmentally friendly materials

Your customers and business partners love high-quality material. With the various articles made of natural raw materials, they meet this criterion more than enough. Materials such as organic cotton or bamboo are not only synonymous with quality. Pleasant skin feeling and the sustainability of these substances are highly valued by consumers.

At the same time, the quality of the items promises a long use and service life. A successful promotional item is shown by how often it is used. Each time you use it, the owner is reminded of your operation by printing or milling. The mapping of a logo or the company is recommended on the different products.

In addition to the frequency of use, the feeling that is associated with the advertising material is decisive. This feeling is directly equated by the consumer's attitude towards your company. By using certain promotional items, the company can re-present itself to customers, partners and passers-by.

Due to this positive quality, promotional items are used in all industries. They can be found at trade fairs, elections, special actions or new openings. Most promotional items are to be applied to different sectors of the economy. With our ecological promotional articles you address the general public or target specific customer groups.

We will be happy to advise you on the right article for your objectives. Together we find the right advertising medium for certain customer groups or the general public. Strengthen your relationships with unique promotional items.

Good for your customer loyalty

Good for the environment

Good for your business

Tailor-made advertising for your customers and business partners

Promotional articles are used in different events and in various industries. While larger items are also eligible for promotions in the store, smaller scattered items are required at events. Such items are characterized by the fact that they are easy to store and output. They usually appeal to the broad masses and are distributed in larger quantities.

Classic spreading items are lighters, lanyards or ballpoint pens. Among the sustainable promotional gifts there is also a wide selection for such purposes. You will find items made from natural and recycled materials as well as items that reduce repackaging in our range.

On the one hand, you can obtain the classic spreading articles in a sustainable version. This means ballpoint pens are made of recycled PET or natural materials such as wood. In addition to ballpoint pens, there are pocket umbrellas or even sweet advertisements. Delicious sweets are available in an eco-friendly paper can.

On the other hand, we offer you alternatives to the classics. Implantable pencils, seed letters or flower balls inspire people of all ages to a large extent. Especially in spring, seeds are suitable as promotional gifts. As soon as they arrive at home, they can be implanted and in a few weeks the first flowers can be discovered.

Our range offers not only cross-industry and generally popular giveaways. In addition, you will find sustainable promotional items for all events and events. The flexible promotional gifts are all suitable for printing with your desired motif. Equip yourself now for the next trade fair, election or reopening.

Recycled Materials

Nachhaltige Werbeartikel aus Rezyklat

Natural Raw Materials

Nachhaltige Werbegeschenke aus natürlichen Rohstoffen

Minimisation of Outer Packaging

Nachhaltige Werbemittel für weniger Abfall

Successfully advertise with sustainable promotional gifts

Are you looking for a promotional item to promote sustainably? We provide you with various ideas for the implementation of your goals. A variety of practical and unique articles can be used for various purposes. Present your company and product range in a sustainable and innovative way.

Sustainable promotional items made from recycled and natural materials perfectly reflect your mission statement. High-quality processed gifts result from these materials. These special materials and their high quality are also noticeable for your customers. Inspire customers and partners with exclusive advertising materials.

The respective article can be refined exclusively with print. Logos, slogans and many other monochrome or multi-coloured motifs can be realized on the sustainable promotional articles. Make sure your business stays in the company for a long time with the right motive. Before printing, we perform a free data check to ensure the best possible results.

Choose one of the many sustainable promotional items. This is not only effective for advertising, but also presents your company in an environmentally friendly light. Now choose the sustainable variant in terms of sales promotion. Strengthen already bonded bonds or address new customer groups with the unique Give Aways.

We are happy to help you choose the right promotional gift. We look forward to hearing from you.

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