5W Wireless Charger with Photo Frame

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  • wireless charger function
  • with picture frame (10 x15cm)
  • cable made of recyclable TPE
  • advertising on request possible
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A piece of home on your desk!
The photo frame on your wireless smartphone charger is the ideal addition.
The wireless energy transfer is possible with all QI-capable devices of the latest Android generation, as well as from iPhone 8.
(Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5/1A - 5W.).
With respect for the environment, the 150 cm long cable of the photo frame is made of TPE. The PVC-free material does not contain any toxic plasticizers and is biodegradable.
And while your smartphone is charging, you can keep a clear view of your loved ones.

Would you like to give away the 5W Wireless Charger with photo frame?
We would be pleased to provide the frame with your desired inscription. Just ask for it!


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