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Environmental Friendliness/Sustainability

The Importance of Sustainability
It is important for your company to not only present itself in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, but to adjust to new and consciously consuming customer groups.

At VKF Renzel, we are proud to offer a large variety of products which are made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Advertising with environmentally friendly materials does not mean that quality is effected. All our sustainable products are of the highest quality. With various products made from natural raw matierals which your customers are sure to appreciate. You will find articles made from natural and recycled materials as well as articles that reduce repackaging in our range.

  • Careful planning of manufacturing processes reduces wastage of raw materials
  • Introduction of natural resources e.g. corn starch and wood as well as recyclable materials ensures environmentally conscious disposal
  • Careful choice of raw materials minimises toxic gases and decomposition products
  • Increasing pack quantities reduces emissions and saves on packaging

Waste Disposal
  • Sorting of waste products supports recycling through certified disposal companies
  • Energy production by thermal recycling of combustible waste products

Good for your Customer Loyalty

Good for the Environment

Good for your Business

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