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Welcome to our best seller's section! We are proud that here at VKF Renzel we offer an extensive range of products, but we also know that sometimes it can be hard to make a final decision, especially when presented with so many options. Therefore, we've collated some of our most popular products for you, to help make that choice a little easier. With the great quality and prices on offer, it's clear to see why these products are continually chosen time and time again. Additionally, many of the products on offer are produced right here at our West Midland's facility.

Banner Displays

Effectively showcase your banners with a number of banner display options from VKF Renzel UK. Our roller banners come in a variety of sizes to suit your exact needs, in both a value and premium version. X banners are also an increasingly popular choice when it comes to displaying your posters in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. Should you have banners of differing sizes and/or shapes, the banner wall or banner foot may be a great option for you.

Outdoor Advertising

Are you looking to make an impact in the outdoor areas of and surrounding your business? Whether looking to utilise your outdoor business spaces or to entice people into your business from the street, outdoor advertising is a must to implement. With a wide range of pavement signs readily available, from your classic wooden and aluminium click frame A boards to heavy duty signs with sturdy water weights, we are sure to have an option for you. In addition, the beach flags and rectangle flags on offer provide an opportunity to advertise your business at greater heights, easily catching the attention of those passing by; they're also an incredibly durable option for use in high winds.

Frames & Pockets

Discover a suitable way to display an array of posters & signs to your customers & those passing by. At VKF Renzel, we have a number of options readily available for use on countertops or the wall, as well as some great freestanding frames too. Typically on offer in standard A sizes, there's sure to be an option perfect for displaying your various signs and posters.

Poster, Sign & Menu Holders

Display your various inserts effectively with the use of our range of poster, sign and menu holders. With countertop, freestanding and wall mounted (and adhesive) options on offer, you have complete freedom of how you wish to showcase this information to your customers. In order to further advertise or relay important information to individuals, we'd definitely recommend to place these sign holders at checkout areas, on reception desks, on restaurant tables and near business entrances, to name a few.

Leaflet Holders

Easily distribute your print media i.e. brochures, flyers and leaflets to your customers and passers-by with the use of leaflet holders. They're a professional, functional and visually appealing solution for dispensing such media, and are available in a number of different styles and sizes. Most of the leaflet holders on offer at VKF Renzel are supplied in standard A sizes; A4, A5 and 1/3rd A4, with some having even more options available. Your needs are sure to be met, as we provide plenty of leaflet holders, having countertop, freestanding and wall mounted solutions at hand.

Shelf Management

Everything you need for your shelf management system, all in one place! With a wide selection of shelf edge strips available, from the self-adhesive DBR strips to variations that clip onto a number of different shelves, as well as a great choice of shelf dividers, product pushers and other accessories that can aid in boosting the efficiency and organisation of your shelving system, VKF Renzel have it all.

Retail Display Essentials

Whilst many of the categories highlighted above will play a massive part in the POS of a retail environment, there may be a few other essential items that you require. Shopping baskets are almost deemed essential in a retail store, encouraging visitors to spend more when visiting your premises. Additionally, chalkboards may help to further advertise offerings and various hooks and fixings may help to display your stock in a more efficient and organised way. Browse through a few more of our retail essentials below to find the products that will work effectively for your business.

Need Any More Help?

If you have any questions regarding our best sellers range, please contact our sales team at, 01527 878311 or through the contact form below; they will be happy to assist you!

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