Counter Showcase "Syringa"

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Product highlights

  • made of clear acrylic
  • removable shelf
  • lockable revolving door
  • light and flexible
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Counter Showcase "Syringa"

The small acrylic showcase "Syringa" can be placed on sales counters, at market stalls and more. Use the counter showcase to present your customers various small, high-quality goods. Possible examples include fine writing utensils, electrical appliances such as shavers and thermometers, or even perfumes and jewellery. You could also use the counter showcase to present toxic substances, such as pesticides or highly concentrated cleaners to your customers without hesitation.

The Syringa showcase, which is available in two heights, 300mm and 500mm, can be locked with a key. This ensures that whilst your products are presented in a clean, modern, and eye-catching way, they’re also more secure, with integrated anti-theft protection.

Thanks to the lightweight acrylic design, the counter display case is also ideal for the placement of seasonal goods or spontaneously changing decoration plans. Each case comes with a removable shelf, so you’re able to use it as a single or double-tiered display showcase, allowing you to customise it repeatedly.

Additionally, it would be a great unit to transport to various markets or exhibitions. You can showcase your products through the clear front and retrieve them yourself from the back when a customer is looking to purchase or take a deeper look. This is especially useful for products where extra levels of hygiene should be considered, such as baked goods and other food items. The counter showcase will clearly display your items whilst also keeping them protected from prying hands and germs. Another option in the case may also be one of our many Sneeze Guards or our Cake Display Stand.
Countertop Showcase Display Case with Watches


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Product Description

What sizes of the display showcase do you have?

We currently offer two sizes of our display showcases. You can opt for either a unit that is 300mm or 500mm tall. Each showcase comes equipped with a lock and key, as well as a removable shelf, meaning you can either use the entirety of the shelf as a single-tier or multi-tier unit.

What is the benefit of using an acrylic counter showcase?

  • Create an eye-catching display – The use of an acrylic showcase could help in creating a more aesthetically pleasing display. It allows you to work with different levels to build a more interesting display, and bring more products to your customers’ attention.
  • Protect your items – A counter showcase is a great solution for providing a little extra protection for your goods. Whether you want a more secure unit with a lock to prevent theft, or you simply want to protect your goods from external germs and prying hands, the Syringa unit is an excellent choice.
  • Display more goods in a small space – With the Syringa display case, you will receive a removable shelf that can be placed in the centre of the unit. This provides you with twice as much space to display your goods versus simply placing them on the countertop. In addition, the top (or roof) of the unit could also be used to highlight further products, or to simply display a Poster Holder or other marketing materials.

Do you have any other counter showcases or other ways that I can display or protect my goods?

Yes, we stock a wide range of showcases for you to display your products. From our other Countertop Display Showcases to tall Floorstanding Showcases, we’re sure to have something to suit your exact needs. In addition, our Cake Display Unit is a great choice for showcasing fresh goods (although its uses could be extended well beyond just food).


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