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Below you'll find our wide range of retail display systems and essential accessories, from pegboard displays to slatwall units and promotional dump bins to plastic shopping baskets and stackers, we have it all. All of these items are important to an array of different businesses and implementing them within your premises will certainly help create an even more positive customer experience.

If you have an questions about our selection of retail displays, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team!

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All Your Retail Essentials in One Place

We offer a whole variety of retail displays and equipment for shop fitting. Start with a customised slatwall panel or a classic pegboard display and turn it in to the perfect sales space with a range of accessories. Pallet covers, dump bins, clothing rails and floor advertising are also available. All the basic equipment you'll need for your retail display can be found right here. View our range and order securely online or contact us for advice and our experienced sales team will be more than happy to help you.

What retail displays do I need?

The retail displays you require will solely depend upon the type of business you run. For example, many retailers, particularly supermarkets, may look into implementing Pegboard and Slatwall Displays to showcase a range of products directly to the customer. It’s also likely that Shopping Baskets, Dump Bins and Checkout Dividers will be incredibly useful for these types of businesses too. Alternatively, food establishments may not consider either of these tools and instead implement Wicker Baskets and Table Top Chalkboards instead.

How important is it for me to use these retail displays?

Whilst you won’t need to utilise every display on offer, it’s still important to identify exactly what you do need. Not only do these many tools help to create an interesting and more eye-catching retail display, but they aid in increasing organisation, keeping the premises looking tidy at all times and allowing stock to be more easily located, in effect, creating a more positive customer experience.

I’m not sure which retail displays I need; can you help?

With such an expansive range of quality retail display products available, it might be confusing as to where you should start. If you’re not sure what products would be best suited for your retail needs or are looking for a little more advice regarding some of the items on offer, please contact our helpful sales team and they will be more than happy to help you find a suitable solution for your needs.

Basic equipment


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Shop supplies and shop fittings for all shop sizes

Where to start when building your shop front? We would recommend starting with a versatile shelving system. With appealing lighting and exclusive displays, you can ensure that goods are presented in the best way. Finally, a perfect sales point is created with the help of suitable accessories such as our extensive additional products. Get a direct influence on the buying behaviour of your customers. Everything you need for shelf advertising can be found in this category.

Regardless of whether you want to set up a large chain of stores or call a small, exclusive shop your own. In addition to the assortment of goods we have on offer, shop fittings also always determine whether it your business meets the basic standard of customer. For example, if your shop did not provide a basket for carrying goods, a customer may find this frustrating as they cannot carry all the goods they wish to purchase. Thus, this could influence them to leave the shop to find an alternative shop that will fulfil their shopping needs. Thus, it also has an influence on their purchase decision.

In our online shop you will find lamellar wall systems, shelf systems, perforated walls, showcases and showcases with which you can present your goods exclusively and, above all, flexibly. Complemented by attractive floor advertising, dump baskets and lettering boards, you can create an ideal environment for your business.

Shop equipment with a system

A complete shop fitting with a unified system is an enormous help here. With these practical systems, the shop fittings can be flexibly adapted to your needs. It can also be changed easily with minimal effort. In addition, they ensure a coherent appearance.

 VKF Renzel can offer various shelf systems for furnishing your shop or company:

The FlexiSlot® louvre wall system, available in a variety of colours, is one of them. The shapely lamellar walls can be easily mounted on the wall or used as room dividers. The right shop accessories for the FlexiSlot® system mean that the system can be used for almost any type of product. Various placeable holders, hooks or displays on the slat wall ensure that the prices are displayed at different heights. The problem-free handling and the enormous flexibility of the system ensure comfortable and easy use.

Do you intend to equip your business with classic Tego metal shelves? The perforated wall displays also ensure a high degree of flexibility in the design of this shelving system. Many different single and double hooks carry your products. Equipped with a pendulum pocket, the price can also be displayed in the immediate vicinity of the product.

With the help of the right accessories, your shelving system can be transformed into a coordinated sales room. Due to the changeability of the systems, branch managers and business owners remain free to redesign environments as they see fit. Offers and special campaigns can also be strengthened through quick changes in the shelf arrangement.

Competent help from the specialist advisor

Do you need help setting up your shop? We are at your side with 30 years of experience in sales promotion. We can advise you free of charge, helping you pick the right shop fittings for your personal sales area. We give you tips and tricks telling you how you can increase the customer-friendly effect of your business space. With well-planned and well-thought-out shop fittings, friendly staff and a suitable range of goods, customer loyalty is a natural development.
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