Looking to enhance the shopping experience for your customers and increase sales, all whilst creating a strong brand identity? VKF Renzel are here to help. Transform your customer experience with our extensive range of retail display systems and essential accessories. From pegboard displays to slatwall units, promotional dump bins to plasticshopping baskets and stackers – we’ve got it all. Streamline the way you do business by taking advantage of these high-quality products that will help your business grow and thrive.

If you have any questions about our selection of retail displays, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who are available to help.
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High-quality Retail Display Equipment to Increase Your Sales

When it comes to increasing sales, few strategies are as effective as investing in high-quality retail display equipment. A well-designed and properly executed retail display will draw attention to the products you’re selling, increasing customer interest and improving customer loyalty.

Our products are designed with these benefits in mind. We want your business to succeed in crowded marketplaces, and to do so, sometimes you need to do the simple things correctly. Setting up a visually striking POS (point-of-sale) display will get you off on the right foot and work to enhance your brand reputation. Customers appreciate the effort, and our range of unique products will take some of the weight off your shoulders. It’s true, you need to appeal to your customers to sell to them effectively, so invest in your displays and reap the rewards.

The Advantages of a Good Retail Display

When it comes to boosting your retail sales, a good display can make all the difference. Here are some of the main advantages of an effective retail display system:

  • Increased visibility: A professionally designed store display increases visibility by putting products out in the open for customers to discover and interact with them more easily. This makes it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for and eliminates any confusion about product placement.
  • Increased demand: By making products visible and accessible, customers are more likely to try something new or buy something they weren’t originally looking for. Professional displays encourage impulse buys, as well as create an impulse-shopping environment where customers feel like they need what you have on offer right away.
  • Improved organisation: An effective display not only showcases your merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing manner but also helps organise everything into distinct categories so that visitors can find items faster without having to look through numerous racks or shelves. Plus, organised displays can help bring attention to certain promotions and deals which will result in increased sales even if customers don't necessarily buy those featured items outright.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Finally, a well-designed retail store is one that makes shopping a pleasant and enjoyable experience for customers no matter how long their stay inside your shop lasts. This positive experience could lead them back into your shop in the near future as well as inspire them to spread the word about its efficiency and effectiveness.

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All Your Retail Essentials in One Place

Step up your sales game with our full selection of shop fittings and retail displays. From custom slatwall panels to classic pegboards, you'll find all the essential tools for creating an inviting space. Looking for something extra? We offer pallet covers, dump bins and more – everything from floor advertising to clothing rails. Check out our range today or get in touch with us – we're always ready to assist you through expert advice tailored just for you.

What Retail Displays Do I Need?

The retail displays you require will solely depend upon the type of business you run. For example, many retailers, particularly supermarkets, may look into implementing pegboard and slatwall displays to showcase a range of products directly to the customer. It’s also likely that shopping basketsdump bins and checkout dividers will be incredibly useful for these types of businesses too.

Alternatively, food establishments may not consider either of these tools and instead implement wicker baskets and table top chalkboards. Whatever your needs, we’re sure we have something that can help your business to flourish.

How important is it for me to use these retail displays?

It’s absolutely your choice whether you capitalise on retail displays or not, however, identifying exactly what retail displays you need has major advantages; they help to create a captivating shopping experience, keep your premises looking sharp and enable customers to quickly find the items they are searching for. All of this can lead to increased satisfaction with their visit and ultimately more sales in the long run. We would highly recommend taking advantage of the benefits that come from successfully utilising retail displays.

I’m not sure which retail displays I need, can you help?

Struggling to choose the perfect retail display for your needs? Let our knowledgeable sales team help you find a solution that works. With an extensive selection of quality products, we'll make sure you have everything needed for successful store displays. Don't hesitate to get in touch - and take advantage of our expert advice today.

Shop Supplies and Shop Fittings for All Sizes

When building your shop front, start with a versatile shelving system that draws in customers. Add attractive lighting and displays to ensure goods are presented perfectly and spark interest. Take it up a notch by investing in additional accessories like ours to create the perfect sales point – guaranteed to influence buying behaviour. Shop our extensive range of shelf advertising products today to create an unforgettable customer experience.

From large nationwide retail chains to exclusive boutiques, our retail display systems provide the perfect addition for any forward-thinking customer shopping experience. A well-equipped store means customers can find everything they need with ease and convenience – without frustration. Our comprehensive selection of baskets and other furnishings will ensure your business meets all basic standards so that each shopper is making their purchase decision in an environment tailored exactly to them.

Our online shop offers an extensive selection of innovative merchandising solutions to maximise your business potential. From glamorous wall systems and shelves to perforated walls that add a modern touch to showcases designed for the perfect product presentation – we have it all. And because no store is complete without some eye-catching advertising, you can also find dump baskets, floor ads and lettering boards here as well.

Unique Retail Shop Equipment

Trust in our high-quality retail POS equipment. A complete shop fitting with a unified system is an enormous help here. With these practical systems, the shop fittings can be flexibly adapted to your needs. It can also be changed easily with minimal effort. In addition, they ensure a coherent appearance.

VKF Renzel can offer various shelf systems for furnishing your shop or company:
  • The FlexiSlot® louvre wall system: Available in a variety of colours, is one of them. The shapely lamellar walls can be easily mounted on the wall or used as room dividers. The right shop accessories for the FlexiSlot® system mean that the system can be used for almost any type of product. Various placeable holders, hooks or displays on the slat wall ensure that the prices are displayed at different heights. The problem-free handling and the enormous flexibility of the system ensure comfortable and easy use.
  • Classic Tego metal shelves: The perforated wall displays also ensure a high degree of flexibility in the design of this shelving system. Many different single and double hooks carry your products. Equipped with a pendulum pocket, the price can also be displayed in the immediate vicinity of the product.
  • And much more: Browse our full range of high-quality retail display solutions above.

Your shelving system can become a well-coordinated sales area with the right accessories. The system's flexibility allows business owners and branch managers to redesign environments at will. Additionally, shelf arrangements can be quickly changed to enhance special campaigns and offers. What’s not to love?

Why Choose Retail Displays from VKF Renzel

Do you need help setting up your shop? We hold over 30 years of experience in sales promotion and can advise you free of charge, helping you pick the right shop fittings for your personal sales area. Our team can offer tips and tricks on how you can increase customer engagement and loyalty through your business spaces. With well-planned and well-thought-out shop fittings, friendly staff and a suitable range of goods, customer loyalty is simply a natural development.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose retail displays from VKF Renzel:

  • Our products are made using high-quality materials.
  • We utilise state-of-the-art machinery and technology.
  • Our reputation as a trusted UK seller is well-established.
  • We have a deep understanding of the POS landscape and what you need to enhance your brand.
  • We offer competitive pricing.
  • Our products are customisable to suit your brand.

Trust the POS experts to provide an effective solution that meets your unique needs and requirements.

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