Mannequins are typically used to present your products in shop windows. For improved presentation and higher identification of your products, we offer you, our mannequins. These are available in various versions. Choose a sitting or standing mannequins for your visual merchandising.
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Mannequins for your shop window

As the name suggests, mannequins are mainly used in shop windows. They can be used to exhibit current collections or specific products and items. The attractive design of a shop window with dressed-up dolls attracts the attention of passers-by. In the best-case scenario, the product being advertised will convert any onlookers into an instore, paying customers.

With alternating designs of shop windows, you can draw attention to your brand again and again. The flexibly of our mannequins support you in doing this. With very little effort, you can position and dress figures as you need. Due to the easy handling and the great potential for sales promotion, these displays are used in various areas to assist with promotion. An appealing display of clothing is possible at trade fairs, events or new product presentations just by using our mannequins. They can be set up on stages, exhibition stands or podiums with great ease.

Display products with mannequins

Our mannequins for shop windows are light and can be dismantled into individual components. This is so they can easily be stored when not in use as well as being highly mobile, moved to where needed. Whether stationary in shops for an extended period of time or for mobile use, your goods will always be displayed attractively with the figures.

By exhibiting on the imitated body, the customer gets a better impression of how the goods look on themselves. The person can do a lot more with the presentation of goods than with T-shirts, for example, laid out flat. Instead, he sees how the clothing items fits and can have a better idea of how the clothing item would look when being warn.
The advantages of this product include: easy transport, easy handling and the many options open to our customers for how the mannequin is displayed. There is always the option to build up the figures differently, such as dress them up or specifically focusing on single products to highlight. In addition to these advantages, there is the great added value of the mannequins for your sales promotion. This can in turn have a positive effect on the success of your company or your brand.

What is a mannequin?

The mannequin is a life-size figure that is equipped with items of clothing. The aim is to demonstrate and display the clothing in the dressed state. It is used for advertising in shop windows and in shops. With the aim of attracting the attention of customers and interested parties and of designers to illustrate the clothing.

It encourages customers to identify with the goods. This also creates the desire to own the product. By choosing the figure as a man, woman or child, the focus on the target group can be strengthened.

The conventional mannequin is made of plastic while modern mannequins are also made of alternative materials. The combination of different materials enhances the effect of the clothing and increases the customer's attention.

"Magic" mannequin - the design mannequin

Clothes on mannequins in any retail shopping area must attract attention. The whole point of mannequins is to help promote your clothing products by allowing customers to visualise how the items will look when in use. The use of a mannequins is far more appealing and attractive than simply displaying items on a table/shelf top.

In combination with wooden elements, our mannequins have a more natural look. When combining elements made of chrome and gold optics, the mannequin has a visual appeal of high quality. This appearance has a positive effect on the appearance of the mannequin's clothing, giving the illusion of higher, more pristine quality. Our mannequin "Magic" is available as a female or male figure.
Multiple design choices available on our Mannequins
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