The design and layout of shop window decorations transform our customers shop window into an attractive eye-catcher. With the help of seasonal decorations or particularly creative ideas, you can draw customers' attention to your offers and products. Discover the right decorative items for your visual merchandising here.
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Decoration for your shop window: foils, displays and more

An attractively designed shop window draws attention to your shop and products. It attracts customers to your business and also has a great impact on your external image. Here you have the opportunity to address your target group with an eye-catching and decorative window design.

Discover the potential for displays, foils and decorations in your window displays. These will enable you to introduce new products much more effectively. You adapt the concept of your visual merchandising suit the corporate/brand image you are trying to build. We provide you with the right visual merchandising equipment for this. Ensure maximum recognition value by also having the shop window reflect your corporate image.

In addition to our products, we can always print them individually. In this way, displays are created that are completely tailored to your services. You can use these to increase your awareness and also use these for promotions.

Decorate seasonally and stay in the mind of customers

In pedestrianised areas, you can reach a large number of people through shop window decorations. Even if this doesn’t convert passers-by into customers, you will passively benefit from the branding effect, building your business an overall stronger brand image. Potential customers will see shop window displays with your products, subconsciously processing your products. Several Individuals will be drawn in by your display, by your products.

With the help of seasonal decorations, you can intensify this effect during particularly parts of the year. For example, Easter and Christmas themed displays. Use the shop window to present yourself as a company in the best possible way. There is always the option to use printed window film and LED light walls as these pair greatly with various displays. In this way you can create entire backgrounds to depict a situation or just to set coloured accents. It can really highlight your selectin of products.
Shop window decorations stylishly round off your shops window design. The decorative items draw the viewer's attention and will hopefully transfer into the sale of your products. As a shop window decoration for your shop window, we can offer you shop window film, stickers, product or banner and poster displays. Choose the right visual merchandising material for your shop window and your design concept. Do you have a deep shop window with enough space for decorations and displays? Do you want to hang advertisements from the ceiling to save space? We are happy to help you discover the right element and the complementary shop window decorations for you. Use the effect of window dressing for your company's success, your awareness and your public image. Make passers-by aware of your shop and invite them to visit. Discover the right decoration for your shop window.
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