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When using an illuminated display, attention is drawn straight to you display, unaffected by darkness or bad weather. Illuminated displays using LEDs will literally enables displays to outshine its competition. Displays that are illuminated are far more likely to standout and have an increased awareness. Opt in for an illuminated display that can be redesigned again and again.

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LED shop window advertising: advertise around the clock

Illuminated shop window advertising is more visible and better at attracting customers. Especially in the winter months when shops are closed, the advertising remains present for passers-by. This results in the benefit from consistent branding and a longer overall advertising period. This allows access to additional people and increase overall awareness.
LED displays can display inserts and textile banners in the most effective way. They can also be used to illuminate letters to highlight text. With the help of LED advertising, you can successfully promote your products or services. Stand out from the competition and benefit from a more effective and longer approach to advertising.

Illuminated displays for advertising in the shop window

Several shops are fortunate enough to have flat, wide window display areas – allowing for a well organised decorative display. His is crucially important when advertising in high footfall areas such as the high street. In other shops it is important to make ideal use of the small space available. Both of them focus on the implementation of your visual display. We not only offer large-format illuminated walls, but also light frames and ceiling hangers that are easy to fit. Without taking up any floor space, you can display your advertisements attractively and clearly at a height of your choice. The slide-in frames can even be flexibly combined with one another. In our range you will find the right products to successfully implement into your business to boost your advertising efforts. The versatile use of LED makes your display areas a helpful and practical advertising tool in your shop window. When illuminated, advertising can be updated to the season using exchangeable inserts and changeable banners.

Design alternating LED advertising

Decorative shop window advertising can generate interest in your branch. Moreover, alternating designs frequently can contribute to long-term success. It will ensure that people are consistently drawn to your shop window with fresh new advertisements. To the same effect, it is always important to point out other goods and services in your company. You can always use the frames in DIN formats or larger dimensions with new content. Either paper inserts can be inserted or high-quality banners can be set up. Decide whether you want to display single or double sided. Double advertising has double the scope whilst still just being one display. A different advertising messages could be presented on the front and back, depending on the users’ requirements.

Illuminated shop window advertising: discover the right LED display

Our online shop offers our customers a various range of options for designing your shop window display/advertising instore. Our various displays can be used over a long-term period thanks to our modular systems and the ability to change advertising content. High-quality and attractive lighting via LED modules ensures maximum boost to advertising.
Are you looking for a shop window display to hang from the ceiling? Do you want to make the most of your space? We offer various displays for your visual merchandising needs.
Let us help you. Find the ideal display for you today.
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