LED Stretch Frame, single-sided

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  • different sizes available
  • easy hanging of the banner over the surrounding beading
  • with LED-illuminated rear wall
  • suitable textile banner on request
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The textile banner is firmly mounted into a groove of the LED stretch frame. It has a rubber lip all-around that can be attached to the stretch frame with light pressure. So your advertising appearance is perfect in just a few steps.

No frame that could distract from the banner, no complicated billboard change - these are the distinct advantages of stretch frames.
High-quality LED lighting is evenly mounted to the back wall of the stretch frame, ensuring effective and full-coverage illumination of your advertising.

Bring your rooms to shine and choose the right size from our offer.

Corresponding textile banners are also available. We are happy to prepare a suitable offer for you.


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Variants Size Item number Item No. Price
A4 A4 10.0470.1 £ 58.57 view Article »
A3 A3 10.0470.2 £ 74.13 view Article »
A2 A2 10.0470.3 £ 100.67 view Article »
A1 A1 10.0470.4 £ 135.91 view Article »
A0 A0 10.0470.5 £ 205.92 view Article »
500 x 700 mm 500 x 700 mm 10.0470.6 £ 112.57 view Article »
700 x 1000 mm 700 x 1000 mm 10.0470.7 £ 172.97 view Article »
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