Electronic aids are indispensable when it comes to sales promotion. In this category you'll find, among other things, turntables, laminators and lighting. LED lights can be seen in every shop, it's hard to imagine retail without them. They offer equal distribution of light without heating up, ideal for sensitive products and energy efficient too. View our range and order securely online or contact us for advice and we will be happy to help.

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How to make your advertising shine

Lighting systems with LED technology can be used in many different ways: To light up your advertising material or highlight a specific message you wish to promote. The illumination of advertising leads to a better perception by customers and is simply more eye catching around the clock. At the same time, it serves as a light source and provides pleasant light in shops or business premises. No customers would think twice to visit a dimly lit exhibition stand or retail shop.

Customers are influenced by various stimuli in pedestrian zones or at trade fairs. Depending on a company’s efforts/use of stimuli, this could either positively or negatively affect the success of a company. In layman’s terms, you need some sort of stimuli (Music, Lighting, Colours, Images) to attract customers or new prospects to your business or event stand. With illuminated objects, potential buyers will continue to focus on your company.

Printable according to your ideas

Modern LED technology

Individual production possible

Advertise around the clock with neon signs

Whilst usual advertising can only be seen clearly during the day, neon advertising shines constantly. Not only does this peak the interest of potential buyers during the day, but it also attracts attention at night. This makes it trivial to mobilise more customers and new customer groups. Areas previously unused and shop windows that are dark at night can be reused with illuminated advertising. These systems are known for their use of LEDs and the environmental compatibility of technically sophisticated lighting.

LED neon sign for every need

Whether for use within cinemas, theatres or restaurants. Modern light boxes highlight your content ensuring the right staging around the clock. The products are used for different purposes. In addition to advertising, lighting systems are popular as company signs. This makes your company recognisable from afar. An outside pillar or light column also serves as a signpost or a welcome sign.

The different places of use of neon signage are not limited to the interior. This type of sales promotion opens up new opportunities, especially in outdoor areas.  The product range of our online shop in the field of illuminated advertising can be divided into different categories.

Illuminated advertising at trade fairs and events

Illuminated walls are recommended for use at trade fairs and events. They make for great and attractive exhibition wall. Alternatively, the products can also have great effects in the design of shop windows. Easily set up and with an exchangeable textile banner, they represent an optimal area for advertising.

An LED exhibition counter is the perfect complement to the illuminated exhibition wall. The exhibition stand theme can be used with the counter. An appealing graphic can immediately provide an understanding of your products or services.

Lighting systems with modern LED technology

Modern LED technology improves advertising in the frames. Classic snap frames are replaced by light frames. The frames are available in various materials and with different lighting options available. These frames can be fixed on floor stands, on the wall or with a suspension on the ceiling. In the context of shelf advertising, shelf lighting plays a major role. With the lighting attached to the shelf, retailers can put their products in the limelight. Different profiles ensure you can get the appropriate size for you shelf.

Illuminated advertising and illuminated advertising let your advertising shine

Here in our online shop, you can select from various LED lighting system that ideally shows off your media. Whether for your business, the next trade fair, an exhibition or another area of application.

The LED lighting systems has various designs bringing the desired attention and effectively putting your media in the limelight. It doesn't matter whether it is one-sided or two-sided, whether it is a display or a wall system. There are hardly any limits to your wishes in terms of shape and size. Contact us today for more information.
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