Our LED lighting will stop customers in there tracks to check out your display, fir use in both outdoor or indoor advertising settings. Thanks to high-quality illuminated advertising with their LED modules, our A-stands and poster holders achieve greater advertising effect by literally out glowing the competition. Choose the right DIN format for your advertising now!
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Poster holder with LED lighting – Stop customers in there tracks!

LED Poster Displays are popular for use indoors and outdoors. They assist in promoting, whether that’s your business, a product or an event. The stands offer space for various inserts in DIN format. Depending on the model, they can be double sided for the exhibition. You can draw attention to your advertising in DIN A1 format from afar due to its large size.

In our online shop you can find a variety of different displays with LED lighting. Compared to unlit models, the LED modules increase the visibility of the stand. For you, this means increased awareness of your content. In addition, the advertising LED display can be used 24 hours a day, unaffected from darker, unlit environments.

Due to the change of seasons, advertising with unlit advertising material has a limited time frame. For you, this means unrestricted use of the advertising material. At the same time, you increase your reach by permanently presenting your content in an appealing way and making it visible to interested parties.

LED pedestal: illuminated advertising for outdoor use

The lighting from LED poster displays ensures improved perception and, at the same time, a professional presentation. Having LED technology also emphasises that your business is modern and progressive. Our large product selection offers you the right customer stoppers for your advertising format. Use a weatherproof LED customer stopper to display billboards and posters in the outdoor area in a weatherproof manner. The fillable stand ensures a high level of stability at the respective place of use. The powerful battery enables a runtime of up to eight hours.

Our LED customer stoppers have an industry standard folding mechanism. This enables you to exchange content quickly. Always adapt your outdoor advertising to the day, the weather or local peculiarities. The customer stopper with LED modules puts them in the right light and displays your content in the best way possible. Discover menu displays, info displays, magnetic frames and LED poster displays. In combination with a brochure compartment, you can provide people with an associated flyer or brochure at the same time. The floor displays can be used as permanent fixtures or can be used in various locations thanks to our floor displays being mobile. Regardless of the stand, you will benefit from the effectiveness of the LED stand. Use illuminated advertising displays now to generate more interest for your business.

Advertise outdoors or indoors with your LED customer stopper

The LED frames and stands are equipped with powerful LED modules in the profile or on the rear wall. With an LED customer stopper set up outside, you ensure that your customers can find all relevant information immediately. It can serve as a decorative entrance sign, information display, menu board or advertising display. Convince yourself of the many possibilities when using the LED display. The special effect of the LED lighting and the increased attention can be useful for various purposes. Discover your LED customer stopper in DIN A1, DIN A3 or DIN A4 format now. Contact our team for more information!
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