Utilise LED light boxs for effective advertising, both indoors and outdoors. Inside the sleek aluminium profile, your content on the surface is illuminated in a high-quality and equal manner.
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Neon Signs with an LED Light Box

Neon signs can help bring you more visibility and garner greater attention than many standard signs. Compared to unlit advertising, illuminated advertising immediately catches the eye due to the more intense perception of light. Within our neon advertising, you can be certain that you're using a product with powerful and modern LED modules. Discover more about our full LED illuminated advertising range today!

Surprising to some, this type of advertising can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it as a company sign, decorative light source, information space or for advertising purposes. With printing, the illuminated sign can be specifically adapted to your company's corporate image and the area of application.

LED light boxes serve as an effective illuminated advertising medium on the wall. The flat systems draw added attention to the message you're trying to convey to customers and those passing by. Depending on the system, we offer the option of one or two-sided signs. The light box can then be adapted to your company with printing or labelling.

Silver Anodised Light Boxes with Aluminium Profile

Our light boxes all come with a silver anodised aluminium profile that professionally and stylishly frames the contents inside. We supply LED light frames, as well as light boxes with convex curvatures and illuminated transparencies. These can be effectively used for increased visibility of your sales promotions both inside and outside.

Have you decided where you'd like to use your LED light box? The great thing about these products is that they can be used just about anywhere. Our full range includes various high-quality models for attractive neon advertising, and various formats are available to you, depending on the system.

Take a look at the options available to you and feel free to contact us regarding printing too. If you didn't find the right size, then don't worry; we also have the potential to offer custom products on request.
led light box

LED Light Boxes with Covers for Your Outdoor Area

The LED light boxes help to create a eye-catching and unique advertising display on external facades. The displays for outdoor use are set on an aluminium profile in which a plastic pane is embedded and then backlit by modern LED modules. Many businesses also use these items as company signs, as the illumination can help bring added attention.

Especially in the outdoor area of the business, neon advertising can help draw the eyes of potential customers at all times of day. The lighting not only presents your company in a professional manner, but also increases the awareness too, meaning more people can become aware of your products and/or services.

In addition to helping aquire new customers, the light box also can aid in making your company more identifiable by making your business premises quickly recognisable for customers and those passing by.

Also, most displays are delivered ready for assembly. This result in easy installation and means the items is ready for almost immediate use once delivered. Take a look at our full range of light boxes perfect for outdoor use today!
led light box display frame

LED Light Frames - the Right Format for Your Content

With LED light frames, you could choose to advertise specific content permanently, however, thanks to the folding mechanism, the contents inside can easily be changed again and again. As a result, you can now adapt the contents inside to coincide with current offers or occasions. Additionally, you can also advertise in portrait or landscape orientations with these LED light frames.

Opt for LED light frames with content displayed on either just one side or both sides, in various DIN formats. The LED lighting that's integrated ensures that there's an equal illumination throughout the display.

When you want to change the contents of the frame, simply unfold the frame elements, exchange the content and close it shut - advertising with snap frames is that easy. In addition to these frames, you can also get acrylic glass frames, as well as magnetic frames from our shop too.
led light frame lumos

Textile Light Box with LED Lighting

The textile light boxes can also be used for temporary advertising. In contrast to the light box with an acrylic cover, the advertising space here is made of textile. There is a groove in the frame of the textile light boxes and various textile banners can be easily pulled into these and stretched tightly to display.

The various textile prints can easily be attached to the light box. Here, too, there are versions for one-sided or two-sided use. Depending on the model, the LEDs are either attached to the rear wall or in the frame of the display.

Discover the different aluminium clamping frames with LED lighting that we have available today!

Light Boxes Made with Acrylic or an Aluminium Frame

The great thing about a light box is that due to the LED lighting, it can be seen from fairly far away. The boxes are used for advertising displays, company signs and as information stands, to name a few uses. Depending on the particular area of application, different items made of different materials are available to you.

Are you looking for an illuminated company sign solely for outdoor use? Our light boxes with acrylic covers and aluminium frames are the perfect option. They are high-quality, professional looking items which can quickly attract attention and are easy to attach to the facade.

Light boxes with a convex curvature or LED light frames also help to preset your content in a quality and particularly effective manner. The content can also be changed quickly and at short notice.

Explore the full range of light boxes that we have on offer; remember that printing is also possible in many cases, so you can have the display adapted to your corporate design.
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