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Discover advertising spotlights and advertising projectors to make your advertising even more successful. Use cleverly used spotlights and lighting to put your advertising media in the right light. We are happy to answer questions about our products and guarantee you expert advice.
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Use LED outdoor spotlights as advertising spotlights

With a carefully illuminated outdoor area, you are actually making your business/work area more safe and secure by being well lit. Additionally, you continue to ensure the visibility of your advertising, especially in the dark. Banners, advertising signs or displays are ideally complemented by an outdoor spotlight. The advertising spotlight offers homogeneous and efficient illumination with LED modules.

The individual LED spotlights can be put together to form entire lighting systems. In this way you can illuminate entire areas and offer customers more orientation. Make your company visible around the clock. Use outdoor spotlights to acquire new customers or to strengthen ties to regular customers. Discover the right spotlights for your outdoor area now!
LED advertising projectors can be used to project certain motifs onto any surface using a motif mask. This can be a floor, pavement, or a facade.

You can use advertising projectors to make your brand better known or to promote certain campaigns or events. The high level of attention you get with it can of course also be used for many other purposes.

Spotlights & panels with LED modules

In addition to LED outdoor spotlights, we also offer a variety of indoor advertising spotlights. These illuminate displays, exhibition stands or advertising systems. As a bracket, they are attached to the wall or to displays. Equipped with a swivel function, the advertising spotlights can be optimally adapted to your display. The optimally coordinated lighting ensures a desired advertising effect is created.

In the world of office and factory equipment, LED panels are used to illuminate commercial areas. These articles also do well because they can be individually tailored to your company. Decide on the appropriate glare factor and the corresponding light colour.

Use LED technology for your advertising

Thanks to their high-quality and efficient lighting, modern LED modules offer many advantages in outdoor environments with their illuminated advertising. The LED lighting can not only prevent tiredness in the workplace, but also achieve great advertising effects. At the same time, the LED equipment has low maintenance requirements.

Choose the use of advertising spotlights and benefit from the potential of illuminated advertising. Experience increased visibility, increased awareness around the clock and an increase in the acquisition of new customers. In addition to the advertising spotlights, advertising projectors can also be used to attract and direct attention indoors or outdoors.

Put specific services, areas or products in the limelight. Use constantly changing motifs in the LED projector or advertise permanently with a glass gobo. The advertising spotlights illuminate your advertising material indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile. Successfully upgrade your outdoor advertising and illuminate your advertising with advertising projectors and advertising spotlights.
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