In our range, you will find a variety of monitors and screens that are designed to be used within shop window displays. These can be integrated into your shop window within a short period of time, and in addition, they enable advertising with various file formats. Make the most of the advertising space in your shop window with a digital shop window display today.
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Shop Window Displays: Digital Advertising in Front of Your Shop

In contrast to classic analogue advertising, digital advertising in shop windows offers many additional options. Videos, slideshows, animated texts and other elements can be presented here to promote sales. In short, you can address the target group with a variety of file formats and change them at short notice, making it an easily adaptable display.

Example for the Use of a Shop Window Monitor

Shall we create a hypothetical context? Let's say you run a dog groomers. You have now decided to make the best possible use of the space available to you in your shop window. You want to address passers-by in your target group, dog owners, in the best possible way. You equip the window with a screen that you hang from the ceiling to save space.

This is how you can present your digital advertising to pedestrians, cyclists and other passers-by at an optimal height without having to drastically change your window display space. You can play appropriate videos and showcase pictures of your satisfied customers on the monitor with the integrated operating system. Who wouldn’t stop to take a closer look at your advertising? Even in direct sunlight, these videos and photos remain optimally visible.

Digital Signage Monitors in the Shop Window

This type of advertising can be used for all industries. Do you know your target group? If so, perfect! Now you can address them with right advertising/marketing material to attract them to your business. Create explanatory videos, fashion shows or simply appealing slide shows... whatever suits your business.

Present them around the clock with your shop window screen. Thanks to the special brightness, your advertising remains present even on dark days and in the evening. This gives you the advantage of advertising for longer, as your content is visible at any point during the day and thus more people can become addressed.

Due to the varied content, you can address a large number of people at once. The bright and moving images can also ensure increased attention from those passing by. They tempt people to stop and take a closer look at the company and its services and/or products.
Shop window monitor

Full HD Cinema for Your Shop Window

✓ Double-sided screen in portrait format, ideal for creating a shop window

✓ Two different brightnesses optimised for daylight conditions

✓ Android operating system and suitable software

✓ Hang from the ceiling

✓ Elegant, white housing

Showcase Screens with a High Brightness

In our range, you will find shop window monitors in various formats. You have the choice between different screen sizes, brightnesses and attachments. Opt in for a free-standing digital signage display or a monitor for wall or ceiling mounting.

The simple and easy installation process of our monitors enables the immediate use of the display in your shop window. An instruction manual will guide you through the process of installation and then, depending on the model, you can play content on the monitor in different ways.

Here you can choose between different options. The power can be supplied via USB, HDMI, WLAN, via app or with the help of a built-in media player. You will notice the flexibility of use of our displays extending to content, placement and handling.

Advertise Digitally with Your Shop Window Screen

Digital advertising in shop windows can not only be used flexibly, but they are also convenient and, above all, changeable. By digitally equipping shop windows with monitors and screens, all you have to do is plan what content to use. The file formats can be conveniently created or edited in any space with a computer.

This means you can adapt your advertising to new topics or offers at any time. This could be short-term information updates or simple changes such as opening times. Seasonal campaigns can also be implemented without major redecorating needed.

The result is fantastic word of mouth for your store and business. Overall, digital shop window advertising has a lot of potential for use in your sales promotion. Take advantage of this and let us advise you on the future of digital signage shop window advertising.
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