Bulk Food Dispenser with Scoop, 8 L

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  • for the reduction of product packaging
  • easy and hygienic removal
  • including fixed scoop
  • made of polycarbonate
  • fully visible
  • box with hinged lid
  • holds approx. 8 litres
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Offer food sustainably and use this transparent food dispenser.
Filled with goods such as nuts, sweets or even cereal products, you not only arouse your customers' desire to buy, but also protect the environment. Because the food dispenser makes secondary packaging of the individual goods redundant.
With the help of the attached scoop, the goods can be easily removed. The scoop is attached to the food dispenser by a wire connection and is stored in a separate but integrated acrylic box. For additional hygiene the lid of the dispenser is closed and only opened for removal.


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