Below is our range available for your product security for various items. The articles in this category make it difficult for shoplifters to strike quickly. They provide maximum protection for your products. The safety equipment is mounted directly to your articles and cannot be removed without a key. A popular item in this category is of course the "Pegboard Hook Locks" These keep all your products safe that are displayed on your pegboard display.

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Product Security & Security Tethers From VKF Renzel UK

Protect your products with various anti-theft items. For example, the "Pullbox"; these secirity tethers consist of an adapter with an iron wire. The wire can be attached to your product. Place behind a perforated wall, then the wire can be inserted through one of the holes. The product is widely used in small electronic devices such as mobile phones. Your customers will be able to grab the phones to look at them but wont be able to walk off with them.


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