Hygiene stations are an important tool which are becoming increasingly more popular over time. Not just for use within toilets, these hygiene stands are also incredibly useful within an array of public locations, including shopping centres, offices and train stations, to name a few and help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria amongst people.
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Hygiene Stands from VKF Renzel UK

Where can hygiene stations be found?
Nowadays, hygiene stations can be found just about anywhere. The most obvious location you’ll find these would evidently be toilets, however they’re becoming increasingly popular within many public spaces to increase overall cleanliness amongst people, from shopping centres to hotels to train and bus stations.
What benefits do these particular hygiene stations have?
The great thing about all of the stations we have available, is that they are all non-contact hygiene stands. This therefore helps to minimise the spread of germs, opposed to hygiene stations where the individual must touch the product to dispense the soap, which as an effect, could lead to a greater spread of germs. We also stock the Hygiene Station “Score” with a screen, allowing you to play videos or show images from the stand and as a result provides an alternative way to distribute information to customers or offers another form of advertising.
Do I need to have a hygiene station within, for example, my store or office?
Regardless of the what business you run and where you’re located, it’s imperative that the toilets should always have a sort of hygiene station to allow people to sufficiently wash their hands. It’s also recommended to have hygiene stands at other locations, so that employees or customers can effectively clean their hands at other points in the day to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Think of the size of the premises; how many hygiene stations would be suitable to cover that entire space?
Is soap included with these hygiene stations?
No, soap is not included with our hygiene stations, this must instead be purchased separately.

Medicine & Health

Public facilities


Retail trade

Upgrading Your Shop Fittings & Equipment

A high-quality disinfection column not only ensures improved hygiene for your employees and visitors, it also offers greater service to your customers. It adapts perfectly to any interior layout; the various pillars can be set up in any position in your working environment with ease. They are ideally placed next to entrance doors, in checkout areas or in areas close to toilet facilities. The aim of these columns is to boost hygiene levels in your workplace. In much-visited areas, these floor stands are a relief for many visitors.

Your visitors, customers and/or patients will welcome the hygiene stands in any location – whether that’s in retail environments, at trade shows or in health practices such as hospitals. Hand disinfection gives people extra security and peace of mind - exactly what you need for a shopping spree. In this form, a hygiene station can have a positive effect on your sales promotion.

Strengthen your customers' trust in your company. Setting up a hygiene station can help prevent the spread of infections in the event of a wave of illness. In this way, you show interest in the well-being of your customers and secure yourself a unique selling point. Additionally, the world has changed somewhat in recent years and sanitation stations could become industry standard – to ensure good hygiene practices are always carried out. Filling columns with disinfectant is an easy process. For models with an automatic sensor, you can define the exact dosing quantity.

Thanks to a powerful rechargeable battery, you rarely have to worry about the column. Replacement rechargeable batteries and batteries in reserve enable uninterrupted use. We are happy to assist you with our specialist knowledge. Let yourself be inspired by our selection of products and discover the right hygiene stand for your shop equipment.
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