Here at VKF Renzel, our plastic shopping baskets are a best-seller. Why? Well, they are great value for money and are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Shopping baskets are an important part of the shopping experience in supermarkets, discount shops or retail shops and you’ll therefore find a variety of baskets to suit your requirements in our product range. Whether it be a plastic shopping basket or a metal shopping basket with one or two handles or even baskets with castors, we guarantee you’ll find something to fit your taste.

Our plastic shopping baskets are:

  • Stackable
  • Ideal for any retailer
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Can be printed with company logo
  • Direct from the manufacturer
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Our High-Quality Range of Shopping Baskets

It’s no surprise our plastic shopping baskets are so in-demand. They are both competitively priced and are manufactured to a high standard. You also have choices to customise your shopping basket from colour and size to the number of handles on your plastic basket as well as either 20 L or 28 L capacity.

Our excellent range of shopping baskets offers a host of different benefits. Being stackable, they promote space-saving storage in practical basket stackers. Created with the customer in mind, we also have rolling baskets – allowing you to freely decide whether to roll or carry the basket.

Also, if you are looking for something more eco-friendly then our woven shopping baskets will suit you if you are looking for a suitable picnic basket or would just like a vintage shopping basket to style your store.

Not just the retail shopping baskets, we also have a trust metal shopping baskets. Equipped with a single handle, it holds a capacity of 20 L and can be used with the basket stacker.

Our shopping baskets are, of course, customisable. Once your basket is selected, you can choose between various predefined, slick colours. We’re happy to print the shopping baskets personalised with your company name or company logo, too - just contact our sales team at for more information.

View our full range and order securely online, or contact us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help.

The Main Benefits of Investing in Shopping Baskets for Your Business

Choosing to invest in shopping baskets can benefit your business in several ways:


More lightweight than trolleys

There’s little doubt that carrying around a shopping basket is much easier and simpler than pushing a large trolley around a shop. Providing customers with the option of utilising a smaller basket, especially when they may only be buying a few items, is important.



Both plastic and metal shopping baskets provide a good level of durability and can be reused often. An investment that will lead to both short-term and long-term gains.



As shopping baskets are smaller than trolleys and have more surface area, the opportunity for customisation is higher. You can choose from varying sizes, shapes and colours and best sell your brand in a way that makes sense for you. The choice is all yours. 


Potential for more impulse sales

Offering mini shopping baskets throughout your shop can increase impulse purchases. These compact baskets make it effortless for shoppers to carry multiple small items while also preventing them from losing or accidentally dropping any items as they navigate around.


Where Are Shopping Baskets Used?

We generally see baskets for shopping used in retail shops. Customers expect them to be there, ready to provide convenient use. Think about your local supermarkets, garden centres and corner shops – which always have shopping baskets located at the main entrance. They are also sometimes utilised within libraries and warehouses, where they’re used to carry larger volumes of stock.


Which Basket Will Be Best Suited for Use in My Shop?

There’s no doubt that our plastic shopping baskets are a great option for any shop. Available in two sizes, with a 20 L capacity or 28 L capacity, these strong retail shopping baskets come in many colours and offer great value for money. Alternatively, we also offer a "metal NG" metal shopping basket for those seeking a different type of handheld basket. For shops wishing to attain a more rustic vibe, however, plaited and wicker baskets may be more suitable.

Another popular option, the "big" roller basket is ideal for heavier goods. These large baskets can be pulled by your visitors, allowing them to hold a larger weight, or can instead be held with the use of the handles. Beneficially, the bigger the basket, the more inclined people are to add more items, so these larger baskets are a wonderful tool for encouraging customers to spend more – a win-win.


What Sized Baskets for Shopping Do You Have Available?

The range of shopping baskets we have on sale covers a range of different sizes, such as:
  • Width – from 300 mm to 575 mm
  • Height – from 215 mm to 1300 mm
  • Length – 390 mm to 595 mm
At the top of this page, there’s also a filter for dimensions, where we provide some common options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a size that we haven’t accounted for here, contact us and we’ll try our hardest to accommodate your needs.


What Colours of Plastic Shopping Baskets Do You Have Available? Can I Have a Custom Colour?

We offer a wide range of colours which includes, black, blue, green, grey, red and yellow. Our roller baskets are also offered in multiple colours, these being black, blue and red.

And yes! We will manufacture these baskets in custom colours if you so wish, however, a minimum quantity is required in this instance. If you need a custom colour, please contact us directly on 01527878311 or send an email to where we can discuss the matter further.


How Can I Store My Shopping Baskets?

Luckily for our customers, many of our baskets for shopping are completely stackable, meaning they take up a smaller amount of essential floor space within the shop. The shopping basket stand is also perfect for stacking our standard baskets, keeping them safe and secure when not in use.


Do You Have Any Sustainable Shopping Baskets?

Of course! we’re continuously working to increase the number of sustainable products in our range. Our plaited basket “common swallow” is made from natural and renewable resources, but more recently we have introduced a recycled plastic shopping basket, made entirely from recycled materials.


Can I Have Branding Added to My Shopping Baskets?

Yes, branding is possible on our retail shopping baskets, though it’s important to note that only bulk orders will be eligible. If branding on these baskets is necessary, contact us with your exact requirements so we can help find a suitable solution for you.

Optionally printable

Stackable and stows away to save space

Increase the shopping experience


Shopping baskets printed with company logo

Like most of our products, our shopping baskets can of course be customized. With the model of your choice, you can choose between various predefined colours and baskets. Our baskets are made of high-quality materials can be printed with your desired motif.
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