Plastic Folding Box "Big" 60 l

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  • Large 60 litre capacity
  • Folds up to save space
  • Easy to stow away and quickly retrieve again
  • Elegant black finish
  • Convenient transport of large purchases
  • Versatile in the household
  • Practical storage option for shopping, toys or garden utensils
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The "Big" folding box is a versatile aid for your everyday shopping. With a capacity of 60 litres, it offers enough space for your bulk purchases. The elegant black folding box can be easily folded and stored to save space.

This folding box is the perfect companion for your shopping trips. It not only makes it easy to transport your shopping, but also offers many other advantages. Thanks to its size, you can easily transport large quantities of groceries and other products without losing stability. And the best thing about it: The "Big" folding box is not only practical for shopping, but also proves to be a helpful utensil in the household. Whether as a storage box for toys or as a practical container for gardening utensils - this folding box is convincing in every situation.


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