Below you'll see our range of dump bins, perfect for promotional use as they can be placed anywhere in your store to display products you have on offer that customers will not want to miss out on. Wire dump bins are particularly great for a specific item on promotion or discounted products, which can be displayed down several aisles around your store, near the entrance, checkout... wherever you deem suitable! The collapsible wire dump bin is very popular here at VKF Renzel and we also stock polyester dump bin covers too. All products are manufactured from high quality materials.

Browse our range of retail dump bins and order securely online or contact us for advice and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Dump Bins for Promotional Products from VKF Renzel UK

What can I hold in a dump bin?

The great thing is, almost absolutely anything can be placed inside a dump bin. To benefit the most from these promotional bins, you could consider placing some tasty treats inside that are quite simply too tempting for your customer to decline, or perhaps some essential items that your customers might need (but tend to forget) from their weekly shop. New products and special offers are a great choice, as these wire dump bins can help to draw extra attention to these products. Alternatively, you could consider placing a complimentary item next to another, for example, strawberries near cream. Whilst people may not have considered buying both items, by purchasing one and then noticing the other, they may be tempted to grab the other one too.

Where should I place my promotional dump bin?

Commonly used in food stores, however also utilised in retail and other industries too, there are many places these wire dump bins can effectively be placed. Think where your customers are going to be; placing these promotional bins near the store entrance ensures that the largest amount of foot traffic will be passing by the products on offer. At the end of or down aisles is also a great choice, as customers must take note of the dump bin to avoiding walking into it, and as a result, take in the products shown. Finally, the checkout area is also a popular spot, as customer can look at the contents inside of the dump whilst they wait to be served.

What benefits does a dump bin bring to my store?

The biggest benefit that promotional dump bins bring to stores is that they’re a cost-effective way to help improve sales and increase impulse purchases. They’re also beneficial in the sense that they can promote new products and special offers… and they also help to reduce secondary packaging within retail.

How easily transportable are wire dump bins?

If you plan on moving your dump bins around, some of our dump bins do come with wheels at the base, allowing for easy movement even when they’re completely full. Our Moveable Metal Frame is also available to place at the base of your dump bin, providing you with the opportunity to move it round as and when you wish. Collapsible dump bins are also on offer, in the event that the dump bin needs to be stored away. These include the Wire Dump Bin “I” and Wire Dump Bin “II”.

Can I add branding to my dump bin?

Whilst branding can’t be added directly onto the dump bin itself, we do offer many alternative solutions for branding them. You have the choice to add branding around the dump bin, whether that be with the use of the Polyester Dump Bin Border, Dump Bin Panels, Pro-Bin Hexagon or Coating for Dump Bins, branding can be printed onto these items, which can then be placed around the bin. We also offer a selection of Showcard Frames  which can be attached to the dump bin using a Poster Holder to display a poster which could provide additional product information to your customers.

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