Floor advertising is great to grab the customers attention with these great heavy duty floor decals.  Browse our full range and order securely online or contact us for advice.

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Floor stickers are great are products to use at event and tradeshows. They can assist in moving customers to your product stand. Furthermore, they can be used identify areas of interest – whether its to stay clear of them (such as a hazardous area not for customers) or to go over to them (event/exhibition stand). We have a wide range of Floor Sticker and Floor items on offer.

Warning Tape

Warning tape keeps customers safe from hazardous locations. This distinctive tape clearly identifies to anyone that they need to stay away from this specific location. A distinctive warning yellow colour and available in several languages for ensured clarity. Highly adhesive meaning that these will stick to hard surfaces.

Pavement Stickers

Pavement stickers are designed for outdoor use. These large stickers can be used for asphalt, concrete or stone. These outdoor use stickers are made of coated, self-adhesive aluminium foil which are extremely robust and flexible. These stickers have an average product lifespan of 6 - 12 months before needing to be replaced. These are safe to use indoors and outdoors and are absolutely non-slip. These are customisable products: digital print options are available as well as individual special dimensions and contours.

Simple yet important floor item

Our doormats, as domestic and simple as they sound, can help keep an office space clean – giving a more professional and organised look. As simple door mat will keep your office, shop, workspace clean from dirt.
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