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Wall Panel "FlexiDeco" is a large seletion of wall options for your business. Here at VKF Renzel we offer a huge variety of Wall Panels. These will make any business look more professional and attractive. Browse through our selection of “FlexiDeco” Wall Panels today.

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FlexiDeco Wall Panels

Deconstructing what “FlexiDeco” actually is, we start with the mounting clips, which allows frames to be attached to walls. Then frame connectors are used to connect panels to one another to create a much larger display. Frame Panels can have style pads added to them as soon as they have been installed. Style pads are used to add style to your walls. We have a huge assortment of styles to chose from, to suit your environment. We also offer accessories such as shelving units, a hook bar and clock unit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team.
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