The aluminium connector system "Construct" is a light, stable system with an attractive appearance. It consists of a high-quality aluminium square tube in combination with black or Gray connectors. As a manufacturer, we primarily design elements for store equipment such as shelves, goods dispensers or goods displays for you. We also offer complete systems, basic frames, profiles, connectors and accessories.
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Endless options with the “Construct” aluminium plug-in system

The aluminium square tube system "Construct" consists of different variants of tubes with a square cross-section and associated connectors. The tubes are made of aluminium and are available in black or silver anodized optics. In combination with plastic connectors, individual displays can be put together. The result is a stable but light display that impresses with its simple, high-quality look.

Due to the high stability and the simple exterior, aluminium plug-in systems are suitable for all kinds of constructions. The silver anodized or black aluminium profile can be put together in different ways with plug-in system connectors. In addition to classic rectangular shapes, models can be implemented at the desired angle using articulated connectors. Articulated connectors have two continuously adjustable arms that can be set at an angle from 0 ° to 190 ° degrees.

Our connectors allow endless possibilities in building your designs. The connectors are available with various numbers of outlets, at different angles and with extra right-angled outlets. In addition, you can choose from various pipe sizes when selecting piping. These not only affect the size of the display, but also the load-bearing capacity. We can cut the length of the pipe to the exact millimetre according to your requirements.

We can also offer you the choice of colour. The connectors are available in gray and black. This means that they can be optimally adapted to the possible tube colours, silver anodized or black powder-coated.

Overall, this creates a modern simplistic look, as connectors and pipes are ideally matched to one another. Which colour suits your interior better? Do you want the connectors to stand out in colour from the square tubes or do you want a uniform appearance?

Tool-free use

Various areas of application

Light and stable

Available individually or as a finished display

You can not only buy the individual elements of the aluminium plug-in system, but also finished models in our online shop. An assembly can be created from the various individual elements. To do this, first select the desired square tube in the respective size and colour. In the following you decide on the required connectors that match the colour and side length of the pipe.

The individual components of the assembly are connected to one another via plugging. We would recommend a plastic hammer as an aid. With this, the connectors can be easily hammered into the pipes.

These Displays are usually pre-assembled and only need to be carried out in a few simple steps. The supplied plastic hammer makes your work easier. As soon as it arrives, the display can be set up and used within a very short time period.

Discover the versatile aluminium displays of the "Construct" series in our online shop. The displays of the square tube series impress with their high stability, low weight and a simple, high-quality exterior. For this reason, they are used for various purposes and perfectly stage your products or advertising. As advertising displays, product carriers or shelving systems, they draw the attention of visitors and customers.

The use of "Construct" displays is primarily restricted to indoor areas. In addition to cold frames, basket displays or table frames, there is a large selection of aluminium displays to explore. The aluminium plug-in system alone offers many possibilities in the area of ​​in-house construction. As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we not only produce the Alusteck system, but also many other series.

In-house production offers the opportunity to combine different series together. Equipping it with other materials and elements creates central eye-catchers in your company. The combination with our FlexiSlot lamellar wall is particularly popular. The lamellar wall enables a free design as a product carrier by attaching any accessories. Discover the classic square tube series "Construct" in connection with our attractive lamella wall.

One aluminium plug-in system - a thousand options

Choose between our finished aluminium displays or choose to build your own with our individual elements. Starting with square tubes, through various plastic connectors all the way to complete solutions. We can supply you with any variant of the "Construct" series.

As a manufacturer, we can also offer you custom-made aluminium displays. Thanks to our in-house print shop and broad specialization, we can draw on countless options.
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