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  • 2-sided
  • can be dismantled for transport
  • base frame silver anodised
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Silver Bag Stand

What bags are suitable for this stand?

Our bag stand is versatile and can be used to hold and/or showcase various types of bags, such as tote bags, carrier bags, duffel bags, plastic bags & woven bags, to name a few.

Where is it suitable for me to place this bag stand?

Due to the bag stand being easily portable, we believe it is suitable for various environments. For example, you may take advantage of the fact you can disassemble the stand and reassemble it which allows it to be useful for people on the road going to exhibitions or trade show events. Or even for fashion stores, you could use this stand as a handbag stand to help highlight popular items! Just below, we go in a little more detail on ways to position your bag stand for optimal usage in our two given examples (retail and exhibitions):

Retail Displays: In retail stores, a bag stand can be used near checkout counters or in designated areas to provide customers with a convenient place to hang their shopping bags while they continue to browse or complete their purchases. This not only keeps the bags off the floor, preventing clutter and potential tripping hazards, but it also makes it easier for customers to access their bags when they're ready to leave the store. Additionally, a bag stand can be a part of the store's branding and aesthetics, displaying an array of bags actually for sale, and contributing to a more organised and visually appealing shopping environment.

Exhibitions: Set up the bag stand near the entrance or information desk of any exhibition hall. Attach clear, visible signage indicating that attendees can leave their bags here temporarily while they explore the exhibition. This provides visitors with a convenient and secure place to store their belongings, freeing up their hands to engage with exhibits, collect promotional materials, and network with exhibitors. It also helps maintain a tidy and organised environment within the exhibition space, reducing clutter and potential obstructions in walkways.


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