Pavement WindSign "Madera", Wood, writable

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  • Double-sided, writable, magnetic blackboard
  • Can be written on with chalk markers/illumigraphs
  • Wipeable surface, easy to clean
  • Fir wood coated with weatherproof protective lacquer
  • Black plastic base can be filled with water or sand
  • With spring technology for stability in wind and weather
  • Movable due to castors integrated in the base
  • Packed ready for dispatch in 2 cardboard boxes
  • Accessories such as magnetic protective foil, chalk marker, magnets or transport aid optionally available
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The new WindSign "Madera" poster stand is visually impressive with its shapely, 40 mm wide frame made of fir wood and the double-sided writable slate board and is thus suitable for a wide range of industries.
Possible areas of use for the WindSign "Madera" include restaurants, hotels or organic food shops. Here, the displays can be used as information carriers for daily offers or event information, for example.

The "Madera" pavement sign is equipped with a double-sided, writable, magnetic chalkboard. The 590 x 780 mm board surface can be written on and wiped off with chalk markers/illumigraphs on both sides. The protection of your applied advertising message can be ensured by the optionally available magnetic protective film. Printed posters can also be attached directly to the slate board using magnets.

The fir wood coated with high-quality, weather-resistant protective varnish makes this display suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To prevent the wind sign from falling over, the movable stand is filled with water or sand and can then still be moved simply by tilting it. The spring technology ensures a secure stand in wind and weather. The frame is mounted by screwing it to the plastic base.

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