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Below you will find our range of outdoor advertising products because we feel it is important to attract new potential customers from the outside to in your store. Why not use a promotinal A Board displaying a special offer you may have in store to attract potential new customers instore. Beach flags are another great way and inexpensive method for promoting your business. Simply place outside your business with a company name & logo printed and it will be on show for all passing trade.

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Targeted Use of Outdoor Advertising

With VKF Renzel, you can easily create your own definitely of an outdoor advertising display and order it directly online today. One of the biggest challenges related to outdoor advertising is how to catch the attention of the viewer and to quickly and efficiently convey the advertising message across. Advertising is public spaces does not have the possibility to address its addressees individually, however it offers the opportunity to filter out those viewers who could become customers from the others.

Outdoor Advertising Media

The selection of outdoor advertising media chosen contributes greatly to the effect of your advertising measures. Firstly, many people will think of large-scale posters, the good old advertising pillar or even large-scale advertising with banners when they think of outdoor advertising. With that said, small advertising spaces can also be extremely effective (and inexpensive) when utilised correctly. A Boards are a great example of this: they virtually get in the way of the customer and require the attention of each and every passerby. You will also find a variety of aluminium poster stand which allow for easy poster changing, wind and weatherproof A Boards and customer stoppers, as well as pavement displays with chalkboards that can be designed as you wish. Another classic in the field of outdoor advertising is traffic advertising. Due to the constant flow of drivers on the road, indoor advertising in mobile means of transport also pays off. We are your reliable partner for both digital equipment with large screens and for analogue out-of-home media, such as folding frames.

Advertising Media with High Visibility

Flags, beach flags and advertising banners are also highly effective methods to use in public spaces. Powerful branding is crucial here in ordered to make the desired impact you're after. The advantage of this advertising is that they're visible to the naked eye from a fair distance away. Flags and beach flags are particularly common in the front of shops, whilst banners tend to be attached to fences and facades. The bicycle stand can also be a strong advertising tool, particularly within a built up area where bikes are regularly used for travel purposes. Signs attached here are generally looked at with a feeling of graitude, as the cyclist is grateful to have a safe place to leave their bike. Tents, umbrellas and pavilions additionally have a similar effect in the catering trade or at events; they are not percieved as advertising media, but as something that serve a purpose. Advertising messages placed here therefore tend to find their way to the customer more easily.

Advice from the Experts in the Sales Promotion of Your Products

With over 25 years of experience in sales promotion, we're always here if you need any additional advice or guidance. Many of our products can be individually printed with your company logo or slogan too! Due to our own production capabilities, there is also the possibility to produce special designs to help your product stand out and improve your recognition effect. With our newsletter, you will also be informed about new products and offers in the future.

Outdoor Advertising Methods from VKF Renzel

Poster Stands, A Boards and Pavements Signs are used outdoors to display posters and offers. All of these products are great for advertising and promoting your business. Teardrop Flags are becoming increasingly popular as a way to grab attention. Browse our range and order securely online or contact us for advice and our sales team will be more than happy to help you.

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