Below you will find our range of outdoor advertising products because we feel it is important to attract new potential customers from the outside to your store. With the right outdoor advertising, you can attract the attention of people in large public spaces with your sales promotion. Why not use a promotional A Board displaying a special offer you may have in store to attract potential new customers in store. Beach flags are another great way and inexpensive method for promoting your business. Simply place outside your business with a company name & logo printed and it will be on show for all passing trade.

We offer attractive products for your application. Take advantage of the potential of outdoor advertising and draw attention to your business today!
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Targeted Use of Outdoor Advertising

With VKF Renzel, you can easily create your own definitely of an outdoor advertising display and order it directly online today. One of the biggest challenges related to outdoor advertising is how to catch the attention of the viewer and to quickly and efficiently convey the advertising message across. Advertising is public spaces does not have the possibility to address its addressees individually, however it offers the opportunity to viewers who could become customers from the others.

Realizing your goals

With us you can easily create your own definition of outdoor advertising and order it directly online. The biggest challenge is to find the right product for your company and intended use. The aim is to draw this attention directly to the advertising message. Overall, different objectives can be pursued.

With outdoor advertising, on the one hand, the awareness of your company can be increased. On the other hand, external advertising is recommended for addressing specific target groups. Since this type of advertising can be found everywhere, it attracts a lot of attention. Whether your advertising is noticed directly or only casually by a few passers-by - it makes a difference.

Pedestrian zones or construction sites and walls on busy streets offer ideal locations for various out of home media. They are the center of public life and therefore enjoy special attention. At the same time, these places are very popular and visitors are faced with a variety of advertisements there. So here it is important to stand out from the crowd. There is less competition in less crowded areas. The focus there is on capturing the majority of the looks and attention of passers-by and potential interested parties. A variety of outdoor sales promotion solutions are available to meet your needs.

Outdoor advertising is not defined by size, fastening or area of ​​use. Advertising is more flexible and changeable than any other. Different formats, types of attachment and areas of application enable undreamt-of options in your advertising. The area of ​​the outdoor advertising ranges from city light posters to bicycle stands and various banner displays. The various articles qualify for their weatherproof properties, protection against vandalism and high quality. In addition, there are illuminated articles for advertising around the clock. Advertising in public space does not have the option of being very specifically aimed at your addressees. She has to filter out customers from all the people who inevitably look at her through her first "address".

Mobile advertising media in the field of outdoor advertising

The selection of outdoor advertising media chosen contributes greatly to the effect of your advertising measures. Firstly, many people will think of large-scale posters, the good old advertising pillar or even large-scale advertising with banners when they think of outdoor advertising. With that said, small advertising spaces can also be extremely effective (and inexpensive) when utilised correctly. The focus here is on branding, remembering advertising content from other campaigns, among other things.

Smaller advertising spaces are recommended because they can be adjusted quickly and are highly mobile. Compared to large banner displays or fixed advertising pillars, they can be set up and dismantled quickly. Advertising content can be changed at short notice and it is easier to switch advertising media. A Boards are a good example of this they virtually get in the way of the customer and require the attention of each and every passerby. The A-Boards can be opened and stowed away to save space. With a suitable, attractive address and a coordinated advertising message, they can be a very effective advertising medium. With us you will find wind and weatherproof A Boards and Pavement signs.

Mobile products are ideal for short-term promotion. This occurs primarily at trade festivals, sales or trade fairs. In no time you will attract a large number of people to your advertisement. In this way, the potential of every event and every action is fully exploited. As you can see, our options are extensive. We not only supply you with the basic equipment, but are also able to provide you with comprehensive equipment. 

Advertising Media with High Visibility

Flags and beach flags are particularly common in front of shops. Powerful branding is crucial here in ordered to make the desired impact you're after. The advantage of this advertising is that they're visible to the naked eye from a fair distance away. 

Banners, on the other hand, are often attached to bars, fences and facades. Advertising banners can be placed on house walls, in open spaces or in tight spaces using banner frames. The banner frame systems can easily be set in scene with spotlights or light lines. Advertising banners have their own advertising effectiveness in public spaces. The systems are used on busy streets, as facade advertising or in pedestrian zones. statically tested constructions ensure a safe stand that is not endangered by wind and weather. The high visibility of our advertising media and their easy handling when it comes to changing banners are what make the systems so popular. In this way, banner advertising can also be current and changeable aswell as used for permanent promotions.

 The classic among the advertising media with additional benefits is the bicycle stand. Signs attached there are always viewed with a feeling of gratitude. Tents, pavilions or umbrellas have a similar effect in restaurants or at events. They are not perceived as an advertising medium, but serve a purpose. Advertising messages placed there therefore find their way to the courted consumers more easily.

Is Outdoor advertising part of your business?

Outdoor advertising is sometimes used temporarily, but sometimes also long-term. It not only offers the possibility of realizing various advertising goals. Out of Home Media qualifies to become an integral part of your business equipment. Products such as bike racks, beach flags or company signs will soon become part of your entrance area. These and many other items ensure a permanent upgrade of your company. This is not only shown positively in sales promotion, but is also beneficial for the reputation and image of your company. By integrating outdoor advertising, you increase your level of awareness. Equipped with flags or external steles, your company is visible from afar. In this way, advertising becomes a kind of signpost that offers customers orientation. The customer base and your success can thus be expanded.

Use outdoor advertising as a permanent upgrade or as an eye-catcher at special events. The attention our products attract can be used for many purposes. In the case of temporary use, the mobility of the articles plays a greater role. Take your presentation to a new level with unique outdoor advertising. Advertise successfully for offers, services or events. Address specific customer groups or the general public. Follow your advertising goals without restriction. We deliver suitable and high quality products for the perfect implementation! 

Get in touch

With over 25 years of experience in sales promotion, we're always here if you need any additional advice or guidance. Many of our products can be individually printed with your company logo or slogan too! Due to our own production capabilities, there is also the possibility to produce special designs to help your product stand out and improve your recognition effect. With our newsletter, you will also be informed about new products and offers in the future. Browse our range and order securely online or contact us for advice and our sales team will be more than happy to help you.

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Outdoor Traffic Advertising With Bike Rack

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