Bungee Loop with Hook

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  • tension loop for banner attachment
  • available in different lengths
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Bungee Loop With Hook

Stretch a banner into your frame system using the polypropylene loops. All you have to do is hook the attached bungee hook into the loop.

With its loop design, this bungee offers easy fastening, allowing for quick and convenient securing of items with ease. Whether you're bundling camping gear, organizing household items, or securing cargo during transportation, this bungee loop with hook provides a dependable solution for a variety of tasks.


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Benefits Of The Bungee Cord Loop With Hook

Secure Fastening: The bungee loop with hook provides a reliable and secure method for attaching banners to your frame system. It ensures that the banner stays in place even in windy conditions or high-traffic areas.

Flexibility: The elasticity of the bungee loop allows for some give, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with tension variations in the banner or frame. This flexibility helps prevent tearing or damage to the banner material over time.

Easy Installation: Using bungee loops with hooks simplifies the installation process compared to traditional methods like ropes or cords. It requires minimal effort and can be quickly adjusted or removed as needed.


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Variants Length Item number Item No. Price
120 mm 120 mm 14.0061.1 £ 0.55 view Article »
220 mm 220 mm 14.0061.2 £ 0.58 view Article »
250 mm 250 mm 14.0061.6 £ 0.62 view Article »
450 mm 450 mm 14.0061.7 £ 0.88 view Article »
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