Banner frames are a great way to hang advertising banners, especially in larger sizes and outdoors. Our banner holders are suitable for flat, large-area banner mounting. They can be used on buildings and as a free-standing display for indoor and outdoor use. The tubes in selectable lengths, equipped with pull-through eyelets, allow you to install advertising banners of various sizes.

Banner-lift systems enable large-format banners to be attached and changed conveniently. Our banner frames are quick and easy to assemble, they are a real alternative to conventional billboards and advertising signs.
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The right frame for your advertising banners

In the field of banner advertising, one of the greatest challenges is to find the right outdoor banner holder. When choosing the right advertising frame, you should first consider certain properties that the frame must have.

Where should the frame be attached? Choose between mounting on a building wall or a free-standing frame. No additional space is required for wall mounting. The freestanding frame must be placed in a specific location. Where should that be and how much space is available for banner advertising?

Should the banner frame attract attention indoors or outdoors? As a rule, advertising with printed advertising banners takes place outside, but mesh banners or PVC advertising banners can also be used indoors. Roll up banner holders and other products that are only suitable for indoor banner advertising can be found here.

Would you like a banner attachment that can withstand high wind loads? Banners are usually extremely large advertising media and provide a large target for wind or gusts of wind. Many banners are usually attached in such a way that they are protected from the wind. But wind and weather shouldn't prevent you from placing your banner where you want it.

And finally: you need lighting? Should your banner attract attention in the dark? Illuminated banners not only achieve the desired advertising effect during the day, but also attract attention in the dark. Especially in the dark winter months with a small number of hours of sunshine, brightly lit stenter frames are suitable.

Banner and sign systems - the product series

Show your advertising banners and advertising signs in a suitable setting. Our own product series offer you a large selection for this.

The various product series have a certain amount of similarities, such as the banner attachment using tension loops or expander ropes. But they differ in key points. In the area of ​​banner dimensions, ground clearance or foot design, we have specialized the products in various areas.

For Medium Sized Banners

For Large Banners

medium sized banner
big banner
The "Techno" banner frame system enables your banners to be changed quickly. With the help of the folding function, the banner can be easily exchanged by just one person. It is suitable as an outdoor banner frame.

The products in this series are free-standing and have a relatively high ground clearance of 150 cm. Among other things, they are ideal as meadow banners or field banners.
The “Traverstar” banner frame system optimally stabilizes your large-scale advertising and can be expanded for use on the wall. The ground clearance here is variable and is based on a hot-dip galvanized steel truss system.

The banner frame is suitable for mounting banners on the wall as an information board or wall banner. Free-standing, it is recommended as a field banner and as a construction site sign.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

For Large-Scale Wall Advertising

indoor and outdoor abnner
wall banner
The “steel” banner frame system offers a wide range of possible uses. The banner system based on round tubes is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Optionally available roles mobilize your banner advertising.

The product is used as a barrier banner, company banner, company sign or as a wall banner.
The "aluminum" frame system is particularly light and has already been completely statically tested. The frame dimensions of this system can be individually adjusted. The statically fully tested product is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It's quick and easy to attach to any wall.

Skillfully put banners in the spotlight

Thebannergear ™ system offers you a cost-effective compact solution in banner advertising. You will find illuminated and non-illuminated wall systems as well as stand systems with and without LED lighting in our online range.

In the case of the wall system, only direct wall mounting can be selected as attachment. The standing version can be positioned in two ways. You can choose between a concrete base or a mobile stand. Your banners will be particularly highlighted by high-quality LED lighting.

We recommend PVC Frontlit Banners for the unlit bannergear® banner frames. Do you want to take your banner advertising to a new level with lighting? In this case, we recommend PVC Backlit instead of Frontlit Premium Banners. The PVC backlit prints are optimally supported by the light. Discover the different models and easy handling of bannergear ™!
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