With LED display lights and LED advertising lights, you increase the visibility of your advertising. Especially in the outdoor space, you will achieve higher levels of awareness for your banners and advertising signs. Opt in for an LED spotlight with a bracket and make your advertising shine!
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Outdoor lighting for your advertising

We recommend the use of lighting systems, especially in outdoor advertising. The time in which your advertising is present for viewers is often limited by daylight. Especially in winter, the days are shorter and advertising is less visible. With energy-efficient LED lighting you ensure maximum perception of your advertising. The advertising is visible to interested parties around the clock thanks to intelligent lighting. Here you can reach a large number of people within just a few hours.

We offer you various systems for the outdoor lighting of your advertising. The LED spotlights with bracket can be easily attached. Use the lighting at short notice at trade fairs, events or for other campaigns. Even with long-term use, the systems impress with their luminosity and the noticeably low maintenance requirements.

In addition, our display lights and advertising lights offer you all the advantages of modern LED technology. These include homogeneous illumination, high efficiency and a long service life. Depending on your lighting requirements, there is always a technique that will lead to the desired result. We are happy to assist you.

Increased branding effect

For advertising lighting outside and inside

Better perception of advertising

Advertising lighting for outside and inside with LED display lights

Lighting specifically attracts the attention of your customers or visitors. Your advertising will be presented professionally and attractively. This results in a better perception and a better external image of your company. This effect of our LED banner lighting isn’t only to be used outdoors. Our LED display lights also offer many options for use indoors. In this way, a common thread can be drawn from the outdoor lighting of the advertising to the indoor lighting. Discover our LED spotlights and LED floodlights for outside or inside use.

Advertising lighting outside

Advertising lighting outside ensures that your outdoor advertising is clearly visible. Use spotlights to evenly illuminate your advertising banners. Use the advertising lights to light up parking spaces or entrance areas. Attach a line of light to your advertising signs to increase visibility and effectiveness.

Display lighting inside

In the interior, lights skilfully put your goods, banners, posters or displays in the limelight. The respective lighting is easy to attach and has a high advertising effect. With LED display lights you have the possibility to direct the attention of customers in a targeted manner.

LED advertising lights: outdoor advertising well lit

Ensure the success of your outdoor advertising through the use of high-quality floodlights and advertising lights. Opt in for spotlights with a swivelling or fixed extension arm or choose a decorative line of lights. We offer you various solutions for the lighting you select for outdoor advertising. Discover the right advertising lights and display lights online now.

In our range you will find various lights that perfectly display your information or advertising messages. This means your advertising will be better noticed and people can find relevant information faster. As a rule, the areas of application for banner lighting include banner frames and sign stands. You can choose from various LED systems for these displays.

Find spotlights with 30W - 50W, OR, up to floodlights with 150W power consumption. Decide on one of the light colours offered and choose the spotlight with the appropriate extension arm length. Combine the individual spotlights to form complete lighting systems for your outdoor area.

In addition to the systems for wall mounting, we also offer you other advertising lights. Below you will find models for attachment to trusses. The outdoor spotlights for surface mounting also achieve great lighting effects for your advertising. Choose one of our advertising lights for more visibility and a greater range in outdoor advertising.

Sign lighting with LED modules

With our light line in a stainless-steel frame, company signs and entrances can be stylishly illuminated. You benefit from discreet but effective lighting with a diameter of only 55 mm for your advertising space. A holder made of stainless steel is combined with a housing made of break-proof polycarbonate. Connect several sign lights with each other or use them individually to skilfully upgrade your signs.
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