With the "Spottune" speaker system, you can spread an even sound at the point of sale. This is how you could also market your brand and products acoustically.
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Omnidirectional Speakers for Enhanced Sound

The Spottune system consists of a streaming box or audio server and the desired number of omnidirectional loudspeakers, which emit the sound evenly in all directions. This means that the customers and visitors perceive the music or announcements in the same way wherever in the room they are. This therefore ensures that you're able to reach everyone in the same way with your marketing. The 2-zone function enables the playback of different content in two areas. For very large areas of application, the range can optionally be extended with an additional audio server.

Conventional loudspeakers are inherently unable to emit the sound in all directions and have a more or less large hot spot i.e. an area in which the audio content is optimally perceived. This makes it difficult and sometimes not necessarily possible to evenly distribute and reach people.

You can easily avoid this problem with a loudspeaker that radiates content evenly. You avoid noisy, areas near playback, but at the same time, you enable the expansion of the advertising areas to cover the entire room. Due to the high efficiency of the Spottune models, fewer speakers are usually required.

It has been long known that a pleasant atmosphere has a positive effect on people's behaviour. This ensures that customers stay longer in the store or at your exhibition stand. At the same time, the acoustic feel-good climate increases well-being in lobbies, offices or restaurants, for example.

Ideal for Retail, Shopfitting & More

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Sound System for Your Company

You can use the Spottune loudspeaker system for sound reinforcement with music, advertising or jingles. You are completely free to choose the program with which you want to fill your room. Use the system to implement location-independent or dependent sound reinforcement. The promotional effect can be applied to different areas.

Are you looking to increase your customers' visiting times or create an even more pleasant atmosphere for them? The exhibition construction and shopfitting can be completed with Spottune sound system. In addition to the lighting, the sound system is also of particular importance in hotels, restaurants and stores. At the same time, announcements can also be made via a microphone connection.

Sound reinforcement not only offers the possibility of positively and sustainably influencing the room climate. Additionally, the acoustic advertising has great potential for your sales promotion. You have complete freedom in designing your own acoustic content. Advertise current offers, new products or use the sound system to pass on important information - the options are really endless and entirely up to you.

Attachment in the Store, Office, Exhibition & More!

As a loudspeaker system for schools, exhibitions, offices or retail, this system has many advantages. The 360° beam angle ensures even sound distribution with a reduced number of speakers. Spottune can be flexibly attached to the respective location using various methods.
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