Advertise interactively indoors and outdoors with digital billboards & digital Totems. Thanks to the integrated content management systems, the boards can easily be filled with whatever videos or graphics you choose. Your content is shown in the high quality displays and draws attention to your products and your company around the clock. Discover our full range of digital signage advertising materials below to help market your company digitally.
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Digital Billboard: Increased Attention for Your Company

With a digital advertising stele, you have a free hand in regards to the design of your advertising. The stele supports various file formats and thus makes versatile use possible. This is exactly how you entice interested parties to stay and look at your information longer - the perfect situation for any advertising campaign.

Such a digital signage product is not only versatile, but can also display your content 24/7. In addition, the display ensures optimal visibility of the content at night or at dusk. In this way, you can reach an additional number of potential customers with your advertising.

Not only is the advertising effect increased, but there are also no limits to the daily period in which advertising can be displayed. In addition, the shapely display steles can be found in various different environment. It can be continuously displayed in the shop window or taken to your various trade fairs; the possibilities are endless.

Simple Playing with Multimedia Content

In addition to the advantages described above, you can also benefit from a high level of flexibility when designing your advertising. Do you already have promotional videos or slideshows for your products and services. Simply copy them to a USB stick or an SD card, insert them into the stele and then advertise from there.

As well as the USB, some of the columns also have HDMI and RJ 45 connectivity and most digital billboards are also LAN or WiFi compatible. You can then easily transfer the content via these interfaces. The intergrated displays enable simple commissioning via "Plug & Play".
Create graphics, videos or slideshows in the screen format of the billboards. You can easily promote your products and/or services with an attractive video, which can be changed as often as you'd like. You can also use the pillar to draw attention to information or precautionary measures at short notice.

With the help of previously created templates, every employee can fill the column with new content within a very short timeframe. This allows you to react to visitor numbers and events at any time.

Digital Billboards: An Ideal Solution for Many Areas

Digital advertising steles can be found in numerous locations, including trade fairs, museums, cafeterias, lobbies, sales rooms and more. The steles ensure that there is clear and appealing communication directed to your visitors, customers or interested parties. Thanks to the Plug & Play function, the stele can also be converted in a very short time.

Such an advertising medium can be part of your POS marketing materials or part of your mobile exhibition equipment. You can use the steles to pass on information to both sides or combine them into one larger advertising space. With the help o the integrated castors, the portable steles can be quickly moved. This is how you ensure that your advertising is always in the right place.

Overall, our advertising steles have a slim and timeless design. The steles are available with a black or white housing. The simple housing means that your advertising content is always in the foreground in the respective resolution and as a result, the digital billboard is a real eye-catcher, no matter where it is used.

Digital Displays for Your Offers

Advertise when you want and how you want on the billboard screens on offer. The digital signage products can advertise offers, daily programs or even your online shop, to name a few. It is possible to display product vidoes, explanatory videos or tutorials on the steles too.

And should you not want to use the stele directly for your products and services, then no problem! Instead you could opt for soothing pictures from natures or videos with relaxing music to be played on the stele - it's really up to you as to what exactly is shown. In this way, you could also utilise them to help create a pleasant atmosphere in waiting rooms and meeting rooms, for example.
By using a digital billboard, there are really no limits to your imagination. New advertising content can be quickly presented in multimedia form on the advertising wall. Utilise the effectiveness of digital advertising columns for your company today! Switch to a multimedia display for the promotion of your products and services.

Digital Advertising Steles vs LED Advertising Boards

Not only do digital advertising steles enjoy high levels of visibilty, but so do LED advertising boards. Set these up at the point of sale to help draw people's attention to your messages, information and offers from afar. Optimal lighting can often make you stand out from the crowd... and we can ensure that your advertising will stand out from the competition.

An LED advertising board is an illuminated stele that is equipped with banners or inserts. The advertising media can be used in the long term, as they can be equipped with new advertising banners again and again. Finally, your motif is displayed on one or both sides of the LED stele with optimal luminosity.

Compared to the LED advertising board, the digital advertising board offers additional possibilities and an increase advertising effect. It not only ensures that your content is presented perfectly, but in addition, more graphics or even videos and moving images can be displayed on the stele too. The advertising can be multimedia and even have sound accompanying it, potentially allowing you to address potential customers through several sensory impressions.

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