We have a huge array of digital products on offer here at VKF Renzel. Digital signage is a great way to highlight and boost your marketing efforts. You can use LED lighting to literally make your displays outshine the competition or have better customer engagement with interactivity!

From motion & touch monitors, to electronic promotional screens, to interactive digital whiteboards – the options are limitless. These types of display give a professional appearance to your entire audience. Any questions on our digital signage solutions? Give us a message to get advice on digital signage from the experts!
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Your entry into the digital world
We support you competently in the selection of the suitable visualization concept for your entry into digital signage . The range of our multimedia products ranges from compact memory card players for the sales shelf to interactive, touchscreen-controlled information terminals . In addition to the versatile application options, we pay particular attention to individual design.
Digital signage advertising - your contemporary means of communication
Are you looking for digitization concepts that ideally support communication with your employees and customers, and above all, are innovative and future-oriented? Is your focus on digital information screens that stimulate dialogue and interaction and that quickly attract the attention of visitors? With a wide variety of digital signage media products, you have high-quality techniques at your disposal to reach your target group even faster and more effectively .

The digital signage solutions in our online shop help you to realize your most important business goals and your marketing effectively, innovatively and conspicuously. Spread your messages digitally using touchscreens, multimedia players, media stand displays or even POS tablets. Show that you are on the pulse of today's times . A development that you should not miss and that is particularly valued by your target group.
With digital signage you carry your message perfectly
Nowadays, digital signage systems are used for digital communication and greater attention . For example in shopping centers, at trade fairs and events, but also in hotels, training centers and in retail throughout Germany. We help you to convey the messages with modern advertising displays, digital signage software or with digital displays for indoor and outdoor use.

Draw attention with a media stand display. In various shapes, designs and with numerous functions, these digital products quickly attract attention at the point of sale. The POS.movie Infopoint Eco 14 "is a flexible information terminal for the POS / POI. With the 13.3-inch multi-touch PC with Android operating system and a powerful processor, there are countless possible applications in digital signage.

Or are you looking for a digital information wall ? Then the FLASH.movie Infowall Portrait NG would be a good solution for you. The elegant information pillar with integrated media player blends discreetly into any environment in a contemporary design. The integrated content management software enables network-independent use.

The media players with or without a motion sensor are also very popular in companies, at trade fairs and events.

Take z. B. the FLASH.movie PRO, which combines all the requirements of a modern media player. It can be used in portrait or landscape format. The player has practical setting options such as playlists, convenient time control function and the automatic import of new files via USB and WLAN.
Always up to date with digital signage
You too can rely on contemporary communication with digital signage solutions for yourself and your company . By using state-of-the-art displays and tablets, you pass on information to your customers in an eye-catching and targeted manner.

In keeping with the times, you ensure that customers are enthusiastic about your products and services using modern, innovative digital signage technology. Take advantage of this opportunity and turn your messages into real experiences that will delight employees, partners and customers alike.
What is digital signage?
Digital signage is often used as a synonym for the use of multimedia at the POS (point of sale) . The generic term also includes the areas of electronic traffic signs, door signs and large-scale projections. The focus of digital signage is on networking in order to display information or advertising locally, for example on screens, in a centrally controlled manner.

The terms electronic sales promotion and digital advertising are often used in this context.

The electronic sales promotionincludes all measures in the sales area that are taken with the help of multimedia devices to increase sales (screens, computers, sound systems). The limits to the use of electrical sales promotional means such as neon signs, spotlights and LED technology merge. A popular combination is the combination of digital displays with brochure stands.

In digital advertising is digital advertising in the broadest sense. The term includes not only the types of POS activities mentioned here, but also all types of multimedia advertising.

The advantages of digital signage
  • Offer extensive additional information as video or in picture form
  • Interaction with customers and prospects in the form of touch panels
  • Fast exchange of information
  • Comprehensive and simultaneous spreading of information
  • entertainment
  • With the help of digital signage displays, you can provide your customers with extensive additional information. Have your company presentation in the reception area or your product video played at the fair. Because pictures are known to say more than 1000 words.

You can even interact with your customers and prospects with touchscreens . The operator retrieves information that is of interest. Eg using tools or accessing a digital product catalog. The information can be changed in a matter of seconds and is controlled across the board, simultaneously and centrally. This is usually just a push of a button.

Digital signage screens in waiting areas are particularly popular . In practices, patients bridge their waiting times in a meaningful way. In department stores, you can inform passers-by about upcoming events and entertain with videos.
Individual digital signage solutions
As an expert in sales promotion, we offer you a wide range of displays and individual, customized solutions. With our own production facilities in presentation display construction, almost all ideas can be implemented:

Manufacture of monitor frames in individual shapes
Printing on the devices and frames
We offer you a full service in the area of ​​programming and agency services:

Design, formatting and optimization of your image and video material
Recording on memory cards and equipping the devices
Programming applications and apps for your interactive media devices
Contact us! We're here to help.
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