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Would you like to place your special offers and important business information on the tabletop and counter in an effective way? Our tabletop sign holders and counter displays will allow you to do so, whilst also protecting them from damage and dirt. As the manufacturer, we also work to fulfil exclusive customer requirements.

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Menu Holders and Sign Holders

Menu holders and sign holders are two different types of display fixtures used for varying purposes.
Menu holders are typically small, tabletop displays used to hold a menu, brochure or promotional material in a restaurant, café or any food-service establishment.
On the other hand, sign holders are larger display fixtures used to hold signs or posters. These holders can be mounted on a wall, hung from the ceiling or placed on a tabletop.

The Different Types of Menu holders and Sign Holders

We understand that all businesses are different. That’s why we stock a wide range of different menu holders, chosen to meet a variety of needs. Here’s a list of the different menu stands we have:
  • Acrylic Menu Holders

    Made of clear, sturdy plastic, our acrylic sign and menu holders are ideal for displaying menus in a sleek, modern manner. They are easily cleaned, durable and available in a multitude of sizes and colours to fit with your existing branding and design.

  • Plastic Menu Holder

    A more cost-effective option than its counterparts, a plastic menu holder provides a balance of durability and versatility at a lower cost of entry. If your business needs to change its signs frequently, you can benefit from the lightweight nature of the signs – allowing you to swap and change your menu holders for tables as necessary.

  • Wooden Menu Holders

    This type of table menu holder is a timeless choice that will bring a classic, elegant feel wherever it’s used. You can choose from a wide variety of different wood finishes and plan on which you feel will suit your business the best.


Optimal Presentation on Tabletops and Counters

Queues naturally develop at both sales and information counters. During this time, customers, visitors or passers-by deal will see objects on and behind the counter. Placement of sign holders on tabletops is vital, as using well-designed displays, you will draw attention to certain actions, services or products and, in turn, garner more interest for your brand.

Our range of tabletop sign holders accommodates inserts in different DIN formats, from A7 to A6, A5 and A4 to A3. Prints in DIN format can be placed inside the advertising displays by simply inserting or clamping. Content can then quickly be exchanged, keeping up to date with your new advertisements.

Table Menu Holders

Are you interested in a high-quality table menu holder? At VKF Renzel, we stock a wide variety of versatile table-top menus and table sign holders. This allows you to capitalise on point-of-sale (POS) advertising and leave a lasting impression on your customers. In addition to an acrylic stand, wood or aluminium blocks are available. Customise your menu holders for tables by choosing a design and style that best fits your brand and the way you want to be perceived. If you want more information, we have covered this in a  blog which you can view by clicking here: why menu holders are so popular in the dining sector.

Where Can I Use Menu Holders and Sign Holders?

Counter displays can be used across numerous industries – wherever counters or tables are part of everyday business. The displays can help to attract new and existing customers to your brand and its offerings, whether placed in, doctor's waiting rooms, public facilities and pharmacies or receptions and checkout areas. Our tabletop menu card holders are recommended for use in the catering industry. Additionally, numbered roof stands can be used as table numbers, as well as nameplates. 

To create an attractive display, our decorative products, such as L-stand or chalkboard roof stands, can also be used. Comprised of a slate lacquer panel and lightweight plastic, it’s easy to write on the panels with chalk markers.

Tabletop stands are flexible and suitable for any purpose. Combine them with products like brochure holders and make your advertising appearance perfect. Discover the different displays offered by VKF Renzel today.

What Type of Free-standing Sign Holders Will I Need for My Restaurant?

This depends on the type of material and size you are looking for. We provide a range of different styles and hold several sizes, including A4, A5 and 1/3 A4 (DL). Not only this, but you’ll find 3- or 4-sided sign holders in our range, which are sure to drive conversation and hopefully conversions on the tables where they are placed. They can be used to display special offers, discounts and useful information customers may need.

Aesthetically Pleasing Menu Holders and Sign Holders

How do you envision presenting your business and creating an atmosphere for your customers in your restaurant or café? The design and aesthetic decisions you make are crucial in this aspect. Opting for fully customisable menu holders can greatly improve the ambience of your establishment, increase brand recognition and potentially develop customer loyalty.

Menu Holders and Sign Holders Improve Hygiene

The significance of maintaining hygiene in the food service industry has become even more pronounced considering recent global events. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to implement measures to safeguard both your employees and customers. Table menu holders play a crucial role in preventing the spread of contaminants and providing a sense of security.

"L" Display Table Stands

L-shape tabletop displays are usually made of plastic, helping to protect against dirt and providing a clear view of the contents within. Anti-reflective materials used also prevents possible reflections on the display. Available in a wide variety of shapes, formats and orientations, the displays can be placed on tables and counters easily. Simply print out the display and put it in the L-stand. and change as and when you need to. We also offer designs with the look of a chalkboard; with chalk markers, entire works of art can be drawn on the L-stands.

Roof Stands

Roof stands are also made using plastic materials, with some that can be used as slate lacquer panels. Thanks to their shape, roof racks often serve as a tabletop name holder. The nameplate can be permanently placed inside or replaced when necessary. In the catering industry, these items are suitable for numbering or booking tables. We are happy to produce the right models for you.

The above tabletop display product groups are available for a one-page or two-page presentation. However, we also offer the ability to display from all sides, drawing more attention to your displays. We offer three or multi-sided tabletop display stands as well, giving space for several inserts. Perfect for placing on standing tables at a reception or in waiting areas.

Counter Displays

Discover counter displays in various materials and formats. Whether one-page or multi-page presentation, the displays reflect your advertising content in high quality. They are part of the basic equipment of POS promotion. When placed on tables and counters, the models are located directly in the viewing area of visitors and customers. Here at VKF Renzel, we also offer magnetic displays, banner displays and angle displays, all waiting to be discovered by you.

Advertising Display Directly From The Manufacturer

Our tabletop displays made of acrylic and hard PVC are manufactured at our various locations. Menu cards and tabletop name holders prove particularly popular, thanks to the crystal-clear visibility they provide. In most cases, advertising displays are used in the catering industry for presentation and in shops for price labelling. We can potentially produce exclusive shapes and displays for your tables and counters according to your wishes. Need printing with your logo and slogan? With us, you may be able to also have your custom counter displays printed to your custom requirements.

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