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  • Perfect size for traditional business cards
  • Works when used horizontally or vertically
  • Comes in pack of 5
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This has been designed to be the optimum size for business cards, being 90 mm x 57 mm. The PVC material gives this stand a sturdy structure, making it a reliable stand for countertop & tabletop displaying. Thanks to the crystal clear material we use, any inserted card is clear and easily visible to viewers. The entire purpose of PVC Business Card Holders is to bring attention to users' inserts. These holders come in packs of five. They work in both portrait and landscape, meaning regardless of the orientation of the insert it can be used!


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What is the purpose of the PVC Business Card Holder? 

A small display for repurposing business cards as informative signage. Rather than being given out, use business cards as a way to relay information to consumers, whether that's a name, job position, telephone number or a website. This is an ideal solution for businesses with limited resources for marketing. A cost effective business card holder, open to a all types of businesses. These small holders could have QR codes on display, giving customers direct access to a businesses website by simply scanning the QR code.

Where would this type of display be used? 

There are a range of applications for our PVC Business card holder. It is a great way to identify an individual. Having business cards displayed in these PVC holders will relay important information - whether that's an email, phone number or website. It can save on time and stop the risk of miscommunication. These PVC Business Card Holders can typically found in these types of working environments:

Office - A great way to identify people to customers. Saves on time and gets customers/clients in the right space.
Retailer - A great way to give out information and contact details. This is crucial to small independent retailers with limit marketing materials to distribute
University/College - Can be used to showcase teachers' information to students. Ideal for the busy environments of education.

These small, inexpensive business card holders are a great way to distribute information about your business. An affordable solution open to all businesses!


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