Here at VKF Renzel, we have a wide range of menu holders and sign holders. You can use these displays in shops, cafes and resturants, as well as libraries and schools to name a few. We cover most standard DIN formats and also have a range of floor standing poster stands ideal for showrooms and reception areas.

If you have any additional queries, please contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help!
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Menu & Sign Holders

Acrylic menu displays & single sided sign holders are perfect for displaying various inserts, such as menus or special offers in your store, restaurant or hotel.

Here at VKF Renzel we have a huge range of sign holders available for you to display on tables. The options that we have available for you are:

We also have a range of Acrylic Menu Holders. In this range there are Single Sided, Double Sided and Multi Sided Menu Holders. These types of menu holders are strong, durable and are a very popular item for displaying menus in cafes and restaurants.

You could use any of these sign holders as a menu holder for your cafe or restaurant. Use the multi sided menu holders to display a variety of options for your customer to choose from or simply display offers and promotions at the table. 

Our Single Sided Sign Holders (also know as L-Displays), are made from clear acrylic or PVC, so it is easy to have a clear display of your menus, drinks menus and specials. They are all available in various DIN formats.

We have a wide range of menu holders and are sure you will find the best menu display for your specific display purposes. We can guarantee that quality and price will not be beaten, so you can order your new menu holders in confidence.

As well as displaying menus, what can menu holders be used for?

As expected, menu holders are commonly used to display menus and other relevant information and offers within restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pubs and other food establishments, either on customer tables or on the bar area. However, they’re also a regularity on reception desks, near checkout areas and within schools, universities and libraries; perfect for displaying important information to visitors at eye level on a counter top.

Where are poster stands used?

Freestanding poster stands are frequently used within many different settings. You want to ensure that your posters are easily viewable by each visitor, so it’s imperative that you think about the placement of your poster display stand. Entryways, as well as near store exits, are a great choice as they’re placed within the direct path of every single customer. They’re also incredibly popular in garden centres, schools, universities, libraries, in showrooms, as well as exhibitions too, providing an effective solution to distributing important information or showcasing current offers!

Do you offer a waterproof poster stand? Can I use my stand outdoors?

Whilst you could use your poster stands outside, we would recommend bring them inside if bad weather does occur. With that said, we also offer Waterproof Pavement Wind Signs, which may be suitable for displaying larger posters outdoor, and will be resistant to most things that the outdoors will throw at it.

Do you stock LED poster stands?

Yes, we stock a wide range of LED poster stands too. These include the LED Poster Stand “Quattro”, the LED Acrylic Poster Stand and the Flexible LED Poster Stand.

What size posters can I display in my menu holder or poster stand?

For the vast majority of our menu holders and poster stands, we stock a wide range of standard DIN sizes. Our poster stands typically come in size A3, A4 and A5, whereas our various acrylic menu holders are available in sizes ranging from A3 to A9 and 1/3 A4 (DL) too.

Can I have branding added onto my poster holder?

Yes, it is possible to have branding added onto your poster holders if you so wish. Please contact us directly to discuss this further.

Can I have a bespoke product made?

If you’ve not found the exact display you’re after, we may be able to create a bespoke design for you. Once again, please contact us and we’ll help find the perfect solution for you.


Free Standing Poster Stands from VKF Renzel UK

In this range of floor standing poster holders, you will find the perfect solution for displaying all of your banners or posters. We also have poster stands for products displayed on pallets, which is perfect for garden centres, building material suppliers and wholesale merchants; all of which is available in various DIN formats with the possibility of a bespoke size and design available.

 If you have any questions or want advice, then please call our UK sales team and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.

Apply effectively and attract targeted attention

Advertising is usually only as effective as the medium it reproduces. The advertising content of traditional advertising could be billboards, posters or signs. It is important to find the right person for this content. This is because the placement of the advertising also plays a major role in who is most likely to see it - i.e., your target demographic.  

Customers must be addressed with interesting advertising content. In addition, the decisive placement of these notices is essential. In the interior, it is important to draw customers' attention to products or offers. Often the information or advertising content is used on table tops and counter tops.

In the outdoor area, passers-by must be attracted to your business by advertising displays, so that they are willing to visit your business practise - restaurant, facility or business. By placing displays in front of your entrance or in pedestrian zones, it is much more likely to catch the eyes of potential customers.

The displays in the desired format are used for advertising purposes, but are also for displaying information and instructions. Different shelf heights, materials and orientations give you various options in deciding what you desire for your display. With these advertising displays, you can skilfully stage your advertising messages in shops, restaurants and at the point of sale.
Acrylic stand classic in din formats
Poster Stand
Info Presenter

Shapely table display or a steadfast advertising stand?

Just as there are various notices available for order, there are also various range of displays and advertising panels available. The various POS displays can be roughly divided into two categories. On the one hand there are table stands for use on tables and counters, on the other hand there are floor stands in a variety of designs. Table stands can be placed on any flat piece of furniture or business equipment. The selection of different materials ensures that advertising displays are optimally adapted to your facility. Various inserts can be displayed on the inside and are well protected. In this way, offers, services or events can be advertised without the risk of messages being obscured or ruined.

Our stands are suitable for effectively passing on information. These stands ensure a high-quality presentation of content. Transparent displays allow the best view of your presentation while protecting your print media from external influences. After the period of use, the inserts can easily be removed and replaced. In most cases, content is exchanged by inserting it. That means they are inserted from the side or from above. The snap frames are slightly different. Here the contents are exchanged by opening and closing the frame parts. Snap frames ensures your print media is secure despite the slightly longer process to change said print media.

Snap frames can also be found as customer stoppers on the advertising stands. The floor stands are available in various sizes and formats. These various products are used as signposts, information boards and also for price labelling. In most cases, posters are shielded by protective films. There are more and more waterproof specimens under the advertising stands. For this reason, these stands can also be used outdoors without hesitation. There you can draw the attention of passers-by to your company with attractive posters.

An advertising display with the right characteristics

In order to address customers with your advertising, the advertising display should adapt to the place of use in various properties. After deciding whether to use indoors or outdoors, a few other properties need to be checked. What's better than an advertising stand? Several advertisings display. For this reason, we offer various articles that can be used on several sides. Not only two-sided, but we also have three-sided models available. Theses notices can be presented in different directions in order to address even more interested parties. In addition, there are options for alignment. The advertising displays can be ordered in landscape or portrait format. Some of our products can be used in both orientations in order to adapt the advertising display ideally to the insert or the notice. Along with a range of light and practical models made of plastic, natural specimens made of natural material are also available. Do you want the properties of a plastic but a natural design? Look no further!

Discover the practical slate lacquer boards made of plastic. They impress with their lightness and robustness. These boards can be written on with Illumigraphs, i.e. they can be used like a chalk board. The boards are available as classic L-stands or as menu boards. Paired with an easel or a wooden holder, the natural design is complete. In addition to colour and price, the format is an important criterion when deciding on an item. Stand-up displays in DIN A0, DIN A1, DIN A2, DIN A3 and DIN A4 are part of our standard range. Different orientations are also available in these formats. Please simply click on the format filter and search the range for products in the desired format.

Make the decision, whether table display or floor stand. Let yourself be inspired by a wide variety of products. On request, we are happy to offer you exclusive custom-made products.
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