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Here you'll find our range of tent shaped menu & card holders, as well as table number signs. These are great for displaying prices or details of a product or for displaying a menu on top of tables and countertops. They can even be used to display a reserved sign on your tables in your restaurant. 

Tent shaped menu holders and tent card holders are double-sided, so you can display twice as much information. With the crystal clear finish, these menu holders are great for displaying a wide range of information to customers. Available in a choice of acrylic or PVC materials, these tent card holders also come in a range of sizes and styles.

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Tent Shaped Card Holders & Table Number Signs

What are tent card holders used for?

Tent card holders are commonly used within food establishments to make customers aware of current specials and offers, although they can be used in a variety of sectors, from retail stores to corporate environments. Reserved signs and table numbers are also commonly used more so in restaurants, the latter particularly during special events.

What tent card holders do I need for my restaurant?

In relation to restaurants and the likes, tent card holders can be a small in size, yet vital part to help to boost sales and improve the experience of the customer. The Acrylic Tent Display plays a pivotal part, as depending on what inserts you include, it can help the customer become more aware of your current offerings or specials. The “Reserved” Table-Top Sign is a useful tool, as it allows your staff and other visitors know when a certain table has already been reserved for another party. Additionally, the could be useful for helping to direct people to the correct table, whether to serve food or be seated. These are particularly useful for venues that host larger events.

How many inserts can I display at one time?

Tent displays that allow content to be inserted are able to display 2 different posters, menus or signs. These are a great choice especially when you have content that you need to be viewed from both sides.

What sizes do the tent card holders come in?

We offer a wide range of sizes for our tent card holders. These range from standard A sizes, such as A4 and A5, as well as non-standard sizes in varying widths.

What materials are these tent card holders made from?

Tent card holders come in a variety of materials. We offer acrylic tent card holders and PVC tent card holders; our table numbers and reserved signs are all manufactured from plastic.

Do you create custom tent card holders?

As manufactures of the tent menu & card holders (made from acrylic and PVC), we can also produce special sizes to meet your needs. We aim high to meet your requirements and needs. If you need a price on a bespoke size(s), then please contact our sales team and we will be happy to help you.

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