Below is our range of sign stands for table top poster displays, also known as "bus stop signs". With a choice of fixed height and extendible poles, our showcard stands and table top sign holders are suitable to use as an indoor showcard stand for retail shops, exhibition and receptions, to name a few. Choose from different sizes of poster frames including A4 portrait, A5 portrait, A3 portrait and the corresponding landscape versions too. 

Browse our range and order securely online or contact us for advice; our sales team will be more than happy to help you.

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Table Top Poster Stands & Bus Stop Poster Stands from VKF Renzel

Where are table top poster stands used?

Table top posters stands are suitable for use in almost any situation. Commonly, you’re more like to find them in receptions, in retail stores, garden centres and banks to name a few, however the uses of these poster stands are truly limitless.

How easy is it to replace posters in the stand?

The great thing about the poster stands is just how easy it is to replace the posters inside. Most table top poster stands allow you to easily slide posters in and out, taking a matter of seconds, and giving you the potential to change up your poster displays as and when you need to, as many times as you’d like to.

Which poster stands should I use?

Depending on the sector you operate in will have an effect on which table top poster stand will be the most beneficial for you. Additionally, the design and layout of the space will play a large part. The sleek Table-Top Poster Stand “KAVERO” might be a great option for use in retail and on reception desks, whereas the Poster Stand “A Series” works particularly well in garden centres and banks. In retrospect however, most poster stands will be suitable for use in a wide variety of businesses.

What sizes of poster stands do you offer?

We stock standard A sizes in our table top poster stands. The sizes range from A3, A4 and A5, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Can I purchase the replacement PVC sleeves that go inside the poster stand from you?

Yes, we also stock replacement sleeves to insert into the poster stands. For anti-reflective PVC sleeves, our standard Cover Sheets will do the trick every time. U-Pockets are also available for all showcard frames within the range.

Do you offer any other colours?

Yes, we have a large number of colours available for our showcard stands. These include black, red and blue to name a few, and special colours can also be requested too. Other table top poster stands that you see are standard colours, however if you require alternative colours of these, please contact us to discuss further.

Do you stock free standing versions of these poster stands?

Yes, our floor standing poster stand selection has something for everyone, from taller versions of our showcard frames to rotatable poster holders.

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