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Our table top display stands and sign holders are great tools to help showcase important business information, offers, menus and advertising material. Suitable for hospitality, retail, healthcare and more, their possibilities are endless. The clear acrylic or PVC fronts also help to protect the insert from dirt and damage.

We can potentially produce exclusive shapes of many table top displays. Should you need printing or a custom sizes created, contact us directly with your custom requirements.

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Table Top Display Stands and Sign Holders

Table top sign holders provide many different ways to display inserts of varying purposes. In our collection, we offer a number of table top display stands and sign holders. Menu holders are typically small, tabletop displays used to hold a menu, sign or poster. On the other hand, sign holders are larger display fixtures, also used to hold signs or posters. These holders can be wall mounted, hung from the ceiling or freestanding units.

The Different Types of Table Top Display Stands and Sign Holders

We understand that all businesses are different. That’s why we stock a wide range of different display stands, chosen to meet a variety of needs. Here’s a list of some of the different sign holders and display stands we have:
  • Acrylic Table Top Sign Holders - These table top display stands are a popular choice for showcasing a number of inserts, from posters to signs to menus. Placed on the tabletop, they are a sleek and modern way to clearly display your messages directly to your customers. We offer a number of styles and sizes, with single-sided and multi-sided sign holders available.
  • Freestanding Plastic Frames - These colourful freestanding plastic frames are a great eye-catching way to display your posters. The unit usually consists of the frame, a base, a pole and a fixing piece. Many of the units on offer come in most standard A sizes, in a wide selection of colours, allowing you to create a more customisable display.
  • Tent Displays - Table tents and tent displays are a great option for showcasing various promotional offers within a business. Additionally, we also offer a number of Reserved Signs and Table Numbers within this specific style. These tent displays are an increasingly popular choice within the hospitality sector.
Single Sided Table Top Display Stand with Poster of Bedroom for Furniture Store

Optimal Presentation on Tabletops and Counters

Queues naturally develop at both sales and information counters. During this time, customers, visitors or passers-by deal will see objects on and behind the counter. Placement of table top display stands is vital to help draw more attention to services or products.

Our range of tabletop sign holders accommodates inserts in different DIN formats, from A7 to A6, A5 and A4 to A3. Prints in DIN format can be placed inside the advertising displays by simply inserting or clamping. Content can then quickly be exchanged, keeping up to date with your new advertisements.

At VKF Renzel, we stock a wide variety of versatile table top menus holders and display stands. In addition to acrylic stands, wood and aluminium displays are available too. Customise your menu holders for tables by choosing a design and style that best fits your brand and the way you want to be perceived. If you want more information on how table top display stands could benefit you in the food sector, we have covered this in our Why Menu Holders are so Popular in the Dining Sector blog.

Where Can I Use Table Top Display Stands and Sign Holders?

You could easily utilise table top displays in a number of places within your premises. The displays can help to attract new and existing customers to your brand, as well as its offerings. Whether placed in waiting rooms, receptions areas, retail stores or restaurants, their possibilities are endless. Additionally, Tent Stands can be used in the hospitality sector as reserved signs or table numbers.. 

Sign holders are flexible and suitable for any purpose. Combine them with products like Brochure Holders to further improve your advertising. Discover the different displays offered by VKF Renzel today.

What Type of Free-Standing Sign Holders Will I Need for My Restaurant?

This depends on the type of material and size you are looking for. We provide a range of different styles and hold several sizes, including A4, A5 and 1/3 A4 (DL). Not only this, but you’ll find 3 and 4 sided sign holders in our range, allowing you to display multiple inserts at once. They can be used to display special offers, discounts and useful information customers may need.
Table Top Display Stand with Black Frame and New Season Poster Inside

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