Acrylic Ring Binder "Flipover"

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  • Functional tent display
  • Various information can be easily displayed and accessible with the use of the ring binder
  • Made from clear acrylic
  • For landscape inserts
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Bespoke sizes available from 30 pieces
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Looking for a more unique solution to display your business and/or product information? The Acrylic Ring Binder “Flipover” is a functional tent display for inserts in an A4 or A5 landscape format, that has an expansive range of uses.

With the addition of the ringbinder, you can display easy to read information about products, prices and much more. The simple design makes this tent display ideal for exhibitions, showrooms, receptions, schools and museums.

The clear acrylic binder is double-sided, maximising the potential exposure of your posters or signs. At the top, it is fixed with 4 binder rings for you to easily loop the relevant information onto the unit.

We currently offer A5 and A4 landscape ring binders, in this style, however, bespoke sizes are available when a minimum of 30 pieces are ordered. Please contact us directly for more information regarding custom sizes.

What businesses/locations are these acrylic ring binder displays typically used?

  • Schools – Continually a popular option, the landscape flip displays are a great learning instrument when used in lessons. This could be to showcase various sequences, as a question-and-answer tool… the options are truly endless. Additionally, the acrylic ring binders can be utilised in the reception area to showcase relevant school information.
  • Exhibitions – Perfect for use at various events, the a5 and a5 landscape ring binder is ideal for showcasing information about your products and/or services, allowing you or your visitors to flip through the information when necessary.
  • Museums & Galleries – You may wish to showcase a large chunk of information about the art pieces on display, however have limited space to do so. The acrylic flip display allows you to display greater volumes of information in this smaller space, whilst also allowing your visitors to manually flip through the information that they’re interested in, offering a more interactive element to your displays.
  • Retail Stores - Acrylic ring binders can also be a great countertop solution for showcasing various offers to customers within a store. Additionally, the placement of these sleek landscape binders at the till area can help to further boost sales or communicate relevant information to your customers, depending upon the posters utilised here.
That being said, with you deciding on the content that is to be displayed, these landscape acrylic ring binders can be put to use in just about any location and in any industry.
Acrylic Ring Binder Display Flipover

Looking for a Portrait Flipover Ring Binder?

Should you need a portrait alternative, our A4 L Display Ring Binder would be the perfect solution. Loop a number of A4 portrait posters, but visually display up to two at a time in this functional acrylic flip display.

If you're after a different size or style of Countertop Sign Holders, we also stock a variety of other units, that can be viewed HERE! We're sure we'll have something perfect for your specific display requirements.

For more information or any queries on our Menu Holders & Stands, please contact us directly at 01527 878311 or 


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suitable for inserts A4 landscape suitable for inserts A4 landscape 60.0126.1 £ 10.99 view Article »
suitable for inserts A5 landscape suitable for inserts A5 landscape 60.0126.2 £ 9.50 view Article »
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