Here you'll find our range of single sided menu & sign holders, ideal for table and counter top displays for menus in cafes and restaurants or special offers in retail stores. These single sided sign holders are the most popular to display signs, menus and information and effectively get the message across to customers. Additionally, with the slight lean back design, it makes it easier for the viewers to read.

The classic "L-Display" Angled Menu Display or sign holder is used just about everywhere from retail shops to exhibitions, to reception countertops and in pubs. Single-sided sign holders are an effective way to display information and the print inside is easy to replace. Available in a choice of materials, including acrylic and PVC, we can also manufacture custom sizes upon request.

If you have any additional questions or would like any advice, then please call our experienced sales team who will be more than happy to help.

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Single Sided Sign Holders | Display a Menu or Special Offer

Where should I use these single-sided menu and poster holders?

Poster holders can be used in a wide range of locations; however, they’re typically placed on or near the area where payment takes place. In retail, you’re likely to find these acrylic poster holders right at the point of sale, encouraging the customer to purchase something last-minute or making you aware of current or future offers. Whereas within a pub, these menu holders are often found at the bar area, again trying to encourage the customer to add to their order or increase their awareness of offers. Within offices or hotels perhaps, these single-sided poster holders are more likely than not placed at or around the reception area. Ensure that you sign holders are used on a countertop and are at a good eye-line for customers to easily view.

Which menu holders would you recommend to use in restaurants/cafes?

Single-sided menu holders are a popular choice amongst many restaurants, cafes and other food establishments, however when looking at the range of menu holders we have on offer, you may be struggling as to which one might be the most suitable option for your establishment. The bestseller within our range is certainly the Acrylic Single Sided Sign Holder “Classic”; manufactured from transparent acrylic, this menu display gives customers a crystal-clear view of your latest offers. Available in a large selection of sizes, in both portrait and landscape, it’s clear why this menu holder is considered an essential for many businesses within the food industry. Alternatively, the PVC Single Sided Poster Holder may be a better option, particularly if you’re worried about other dropping the menu holders, as these are made from durable PVC which will not become damaged upon impact. Searching for a unique design? The “Odora” Single Sided Sign Holder is sure to bring in greater attention with it’s curved front.

What sizes of poster holders do you have?

Our poster and menu holders are available in a plethora of sizes. Most are stocked in standard DIN sizes, ranging from A3 to A9, as well as 1/3 A4 (DL). The Acrylic L-Display “Classic” is also available in shorter, flatter sizes, perfect for displaying prices and information of individual products.

Do you offer landscape and portrait menu holders?

Yes, many of our single-sided poster holders are available in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Can I display more than one menu/poster at one time? Do you offer double sided menu holders?

With these single-sided menu holders, it is not recommended that you try displaying more than one sign at a time. Inserts displayed on the back half of all of the single-sided menu and poster holders will not be in view. Alternatively, we also stock a large range of double-sided and multi-sided menu holders.

Am I able to display a leaflet with my sign?

A selection of the single-sided poster holders are also multi-use. Both the Poster Holder “Insert” and L-Display “Tiber” have a section incorporated at the front to allow for leaflets to be displayed at the same time.

Are you able to create custom sized sign holders?

The menu holders available here are all standard products, however if you have a custom size you need creating, please get in contact and we’ll look into the possibility of creating this for you.

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